American Cuisine

Take stock! The amazing food in America!

As the saying goes, food is the priority of the people. The status of eating this project is getting higher and higher in the eyes of people all over the world.

“Before the soldiers and horses move, the grain goes first.” Today, I will take you to study abroad to review the food in each state of the United States, so that you can find a foreign country to suit your own taste.

Talking about American food, I believe that everyone’s first impression is hamburger, coke, hamburger, French fries, fried chicken nuggets and other fast food. But there’s actually more to American cuisine than that.

American cuisine is rich and diverse, including Pacific cuisine, Southwest cuisine, Cajun cuisine, Southern African cuisine, and New York cuisine.

So what are the representative dishes?

California Roll (California)

The California Roll is said to have been invented by chefs at sushi restaurants in Los Angeles in 1970.

Americans weren’t used to sashimi at the time, so sushi chefs replaced it with avocado, added crab meat and green melon, and eventually refined it to include seaweed in the middle.

Jewel Crab (California)

Jewel crab is one of the best seafood, the weight of a single crab can exceed 2 kg, the cooking method is mainly steamed, delicious and sweet, let people can enjoy the pleasure of eating crab, when the mouth is full of fat crab meat, can not help but let people cry: the world is worth it!

Washington Steak (Washington State)

The variety and authentic American steak is a staple of Washington cuisine.

The steaks are original and have high requirements on meat quality. The local original beef is selected for smoking, baking, frying, etc., and fruits are often used as ingredients to cook together with dishes, bringing out the wonderful original beef juice, fully showing the delicious, tender and delicious meat quality, leaving fragrance on people’s teeth and cheeks. It is a dish not to be missed.

Luncheon Meat Rice Ball (Hawaii)

During World War II, luncheon meat was the main food for the U.S. Army. However, eating only luncheon meat every day made soldiers feel monotonous and boring. Therefore, Japanese immigrants in Hawaii created luncheon meat rice balls, which are simple, delicious and easy to carry.

The original version of the rice ball is a piece of grilled luncheon meat on top of the ball and wrapped in nori seaweed. This is a popular snack and lunch food in the area.

This issue mainly introduces Pacific cuisine, students in the Pacific coast near the water terrace first moon, after living in the United States must try local food.

In the current world, with the deepening of economic globalization, the dining habits of various countries are trending towards the same, and the cooking methods of the United States also integrate the processing methods of various national meals. People do not have to worry too much, because after going to the United States, there will be unaccustomed to the country and the phenomenon of eating.

In addition, the United States also has many restaurants from other countries, which offer a variety of cuisines. You can also experience the intimacy of eating your native food in a foreign country.


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