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Authentic Korean street food, these 5 must eat in Korea, super delicious people can’t stop!

I don’t know if there is anyone who is as curious about Korean snacks as I am. Today, I will take stock of five authentic Korean street snacks, all of which are excellent in appearance and taste. Come and have a look!

Egg bread

Egg bread is usually sold in the autumn and winter more stalls, in the cold winter street to eat a bite of hot egg bread will feel all the chill is removed.

Egg bread is a bread made with a whole egg inside an ordinary bun. It is also a classic old-fashioned Korean snack on the street. It is simple and delicious. Later, many special flavors were added, such as cheese, ham, mayonnaise and so on

Crucian carp

It is made of flour, sugar, milk and baking soda, and is shaped like crucian carp. It is similar to the Japanese snapper yaki, which initially uses red beans as filling, and later also has cheese, custard sauce and so on.

Fried rice cake

Korean rice cake is different from Chinese rice cake, even rice cake, not only in the shape, but it is not glutinous rice cake at all. It is sticky rice, which is rice, which has been beaten and processed.

Therefore, the taste of Korean rice cake is different from that of Chinese rice cake. It is not very sticky to the teeth. Although it is not as thin as Chinese rice cake, it has good elasticity and will not rot even if it is cooked for a long time.

Crab in sauce

Crab in soy sauce is a raw crab marinated in soy sauce. Although it is raw, it does not have any fishy taste. The raw crab meat melts in your mouth and is mixed with a special sauce.

Spring and autumn are the best time of year for crab sauce. After eating crab meat, bibimbap in crab shell with leftover sauce is a real Korean way to eat, which is first-class.

Walnut snack

It is made of flour, sugar, milk, and baking soda in the shape of walnuts. It is filled with sweet fillings made of red beans and walnuts. After baking, it gives off a sweet and attractive smell.

In addition to these street food, when in Korea, you can try fried chicken, army pot, Korean barbecue, Korean fixed food… Although some of them are not unique to Korea, they also taste different.


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