American Cuisine

Remember these American foods that fascinated you?

The United States is a multi-ethnic immigrant country, integrating different races and cultures from all over the world. Naturally, American food is also integrated into various dietary cultures and characteristics. Although American food culture has various characteristics, Americans themselves have created their own food styles in the future. Its main characteristics are oily, cheesy and almost always fried. Some people summarize the characteristics of American specialty rice, one is raw, steak with bloodshot, two is cold, all drinks with ice, three is sweet.

1. Big nibbles

Jumbo Bites are the most innovative native American food. First you take a Turkey, then you stuff a duck inside it, then you stuff a chicken inside the duck, and finally you stuff the chicken with sausage and bacon, and after 2-3 hours of frying, it’s a very American dish. Some Americans add melted cheese to the mix, depending on their taste. This dish is usually served on major American holidays such as the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

2. Buffalo Hot Wings

Buffalo Hot wings Chicken wings are fried in oil until crispy and eaten with melted Blue cheese. The vegetables at the bottom of the plate absorb the oil that falls off the wings and turn even ordinary vegetables into delicious ones. This dish is not greasy, but it has a lot of texture!

3. Cobb salad

After eating so much fatty food, Americans, however fond of fried food, can get sick of it, so a salad is the best thing to do. But the salad that Americans eat is quite different from the green vegetables and red tomatoes that Europeans eat. When making a salad in the United States, it is important to have a sufficient variety and weight of meat, as well as avocados and cheese. A good Cobb Salad consists of bacon, fried chicken, avocado, egg grits, blue cheese, and any other ingredients that fit inside.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream

In 1937, Ruth Grave from Ma Chau added chopped chocolate to her butter cookies. The result is the world’s best cookie. Despite their popularity in American life, Americans are always dreaming of something better to do with the treat. Later, because of a person’s laziness and the achievement of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream, that is, to mix the dough to make cookies into small pieces, mixed in ice cream, that is, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream!

5. Tart Cookies

Tart cookies are very popular in the United States. The crackers are made of Graham crackers made in the United Kingdom. If they are pure crackers, few people in the United States can eat them. American children often put a gummy in the middle of the picnic and bake it on a stick to play, but basically do not eat it. Later, a new way to eat it was to put a cinnamon block in the middle. Together, Americans loved it.

6. Alaska Cod Fillet Features: Alaska deep-sea cod, good taste and health

Ingredients: Deep-sea cod

To make: First cut the cod fish into chunks, then spread the seasoning and other ingredients on the chunks and fry them in the pan until golden brown.

7. Hawaiian Salad

Features: Hawaiian flavor, fresh and refreshing

Ingredients: A variety of Hawaiian specialties

What to make: Hawaiian specialties are first mixed together and then added to favorite sauces.

8. American lobster

Characteristics: Americans and Chinese alike, also love to eat lobster, each has its own characteristics

Ingredients: American lobster

What to make: There are many ways to make it, most of which are lobster baked with cheese, which is also a favorite in Europe and the United States.

9. Apple pie

Features: The flavor is strong and delicious, everyone will do, everyone loves to eat

Ingredients: Apple, flour

Production: The first thing to do is apple puree, and then make the pie crust with flour, put the apple puree into the pie crust, and bake in the oven.

10. American Ice Cream

Features: Many styles, good taste, very cheap

Ingredients: Ice cream, other sweets

Make: Make the ice cream in advance. When you want to eat it, you can simply roll it out and add other sweet treats on top


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