Thai Cuisine

A bite of Thailand, this is delicious!

Thai food not only retains the traditional Southeast Asian eating habits,

It is also cleverly blended with India, China and the West

Multinational gastronomic cooking techniques,

The element of surprise cooking

Not only to the world food culture

Brings a surprise,

And for tourists all over the world

A unique feast for the taste buds.

I have to say, Thailand is a foodie’s paradise,

From street stalls to Michelin restaurants,

Every one of them is unforgettable.

Tai Restaurants and Tai Tunnels

Featuring spicy and sour appetizers, Thai food combines a variety of spices and is rich in exotic flavors. It wraps the taste buds and the body and mind from the inside out and is absolutely addictive. Must-have dishes: Tom Yum goong Soup, Green papaya Salad, Thai Chicken Soup with coconut, Thai chicken Curry, Thai Thasao Pork, Roast Pork neck……….

Restaurants in Bangkok

➷ The Local: emotional appeal of Thai restaurant, southeast Asia diaojiao building style wooden structure, decorate very chic. The dishes are all very traditional Thai food, Tom Yam Goong soup is very hot and sour, green papaya salad is very good with pork neck and glutinous rice, and the seemingly ordinary chicken curry is surprisingly good

Address :32/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

➷ Jay Fai: a Thailand has the world famous street food restaurant, for three consecutive years won the Michelin star high praise, even for ma thumb. Crab meat in egg buns is really recommended, you have to be patient enough to wait in line ~ to eat their delicious food

Address: 327 Maha Chai Rd, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200, Thailand

➷ NaRa Thai Cuisine: Bangkok higher-end web celebrity shop, restaurant is famous for its authentic Thai food, food is very delicate, the taste is more a cinch, his house is yellow curry crab will point to several stores, each has a different atmosphere.

Address: 7 th Floor, Central World Plaza, Ratchadamri Rd., Pathum Wan Sub – District, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok, Thailand

➷ Blue Elephant (Blue Elephant) : Thai food court, restaurant boss is the daughter of king original chef, price is a bit expensive, but the taste is absolute value, food is very creative and service as the supreme standard of the royal family. There is a dress code in the restaurant. Shorts and slippers are not allowed. There are also Thai cooking classes where you can become a Thai chef in seconds.

Address: Surasak BTS station, 233 South Sathon Rd, Yan Nawa Sathon, Surasak, Bangkok 10120

Noodles porridge rice and Thai parity

Eating a bowl of hot porridge/noodles in the morning before your stomach wakes up is a habit that every health guru will enjoy. In Thailand, there are delicious congee/noodle shops all over the streets and lanes. Basically, you will not step on the pit. You must try the food: Granny congee, boat noodles, Pad Thai, Wonton noodles, chicken rice, pig’s foot rice, pineapple rice……….

Good shops in Bangkok:

➷ watergate mother-in-law porridge: his porridge is very smooth, with makings is very, can customize porridge, not the prohibited friend might as well point a super mix version, it is falling in love with, warm stomach delicious ~

Address: In the alley next to Hotel 93

➷ Thong Smith: web celebrity ship noodle shop, main Australia and cattle ship surface hot soup, thick broth, fresh high-quality materials, meat no smell, to cattle miscellaneous article keep the surface of your choice, small expensive but very value, Fried wonton is also will point.

Address: Siam Paragon/ Central World/ Central Embassy/ Emquatier/ Central Ladprao/ Mega Bagna/ 8 Thonglor/ Ari Soi 4/ Soi 11/ The Crystal Ekamai (More branches)

➷ rong tai rice noodle soup: old rice noodle shop, is said to have a history of more than 50 years, there are several different flavors to choose from, pork and fish for CaiMa, fish balls, fish cake very Q crisp crisp crisp fish skin, nice ~

Address: 10/3 Soi Sukhumvit 26, Khlong Tan, KhlongToei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

➷ red eldest brother: watergate chicken rice in hainan generation to Thailand in 1960 began to sell hainan chicken rice, has more than 60 years old, tender and smooth chicken, with flavor of chicken rice and special sauce looks be like simple, actually let you jing is colourful.

Address: 962 Phetchaburi Rd, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 0400,Thailand.

Chiang Mai Good shop recommendation:

➷ lady pig feet rice: Teresa teng love to eat pig feet, pig feet braised soft rotten soft rotten, fat but not greasy. Boneless pork trotter and secret pickled cabbage, served with a runny egg and drizzled in a rich sauce, make up the famous pig’s foot rice, and the price is very approachable.

Address: Manee Nop Parat | Sri Poom Subdistrict, Chiang Mai, 50200.

The seafood feast is satisfying

How can you miss seafood in Thailand? Juicy and juicy seafood with cabbage price makes people mouthwatering. Thai seafood is very unique, integrating the usual sour and spicy Thai food. Whether it is super hot fish grilled seafood or Thai Teochew seafood, you will enjoy it even if you have gout.

Good shops in Bangkok:

➷ lite restaurant (SomboonSeafood) : opening date for more than 50 years, equivalent to the status of the quanjude in Bangkok to Beijing. The creators of the crab curry, which is a big crab, are made of paste crab, and the heat of the curry penetrates into the tender crab meat, creating layers of flavor that are memorable. In addition, don’t miss his basil leaf fried grouper, raw pickled crab. Due to the popularity of business opened a lot of branches, it is suggested to go to the main store to punch in, do not want to queue can make an appointment in advance on the official website.

Head office Address: 895/6-21 Chula Soi8, Bantadthong Rd., Wangmai, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

➷ sea warehouse (Kodang Talay) : the star seafood restaurant in Bangkok, have gold river scene of the chao phraya river of Kings, choose from Mae Klong seafood seafood shipped on the farm of origin as raw materials, the restaurant also placed a huge aquarium can pick seafood. The menu is rich, with nearly 10 varieties and recipes of fish alone, authentic Thai flavor, and every bite is the best interpretation of Thailand.

Address: 88/2,88/9,OCTO Seafood Bar, Soi Sukhumvit 24 Bangkok 10110

➷ T&K Seafood: located in Chinatown a main Seafood booth, the locals call it “Seafood first”, Seafood species, Fried crab curry is a trademark, curry flavour, crab meat, definitely will. Grilled prawns, grilled seabass with lemon juice and oysters are also well received.

Address: 49, 51 Phadung Dao Rd, Samphan thawong, Bangkok 10100 Thailand.

Good shop in Phuket

➷ First Seafood (First Seafood) : located in phuket ba east night market, Seafood and other Thai food, Seafood now kill to eat, now very much to the taste of Chinese people. Shrimp is very fresh, the meat is firm, the price is super affordable, Phuket eat seafood cost-effective king, salt and pepper skin shrimp is a must point ~

Address: V7RW+9R6, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150

Fruit dessert snack ‣ Happiness

For a sweet tooth, Thailand is a place where you can enjoy fruit and dessert freedom. It is famous for mango/durian sticky rice, coconut cake, banana pancakes, Thai milk tea, coconut ice cream, fruit smoothies, durian mangosteen and other fruits………. Eat to the mouth of absolute happiness to fly ~

Good restaurant

➷ Mango Tango: specialises in Mango dessert shop, leisurely desserts are made of Mango, in addition to brand Mango sticky rice, Mango, Mango ice snow one, Mango pudding, etc., the raw materials are fresh Mango. After entering as if into the mango world, the price is small, but the taste is very good ~

Address: Siam Squares 3 Lane

➷ After you: number one sweet shop in Thailand, Chiang mai phuket has stores in Bangkok, pattaya. A lot of stars are to punch the card, whether it is Jay Chou with the same smoothie or a variety of flavors of continuous ice, is really closed eyes casual point, never step on thunder, appearance level of high taste is, will not regularly launch new products in the season.

Location: Many branches, Google Maps navigation random pick

➷ streets means from Thailand to fruit wholesale market or to the Big c and other supermarket can let you achieve fruit free at any time, durian, shanzhu, rambutan, wax apple, sugar apple, mango, pineapple… It dazzles you. Fruit is not sold in the same way as in China. Durians are sold peeled, and pineapples and mangoes are sold skinless. Fruit juices are also 100% pure, with no preservatives added. (The wholesale fruit market is the cheapest. Due to the seasonal nature of fruit, it is not always possible to buy fruit at the price of cabbage.)

➷ street bazaar in Thailand have a colorful chic modelling dessert – chu, traditional Thai desserts, made from mung beans, taste Q play sliminess, in sorching summer has the effect of heat of the fire.

Of course, there’s more to Thailand as a culinary paradise than just these options:

If you’re tired of Thai food, you can try the world’s best cuisines.

If you want to experience the fireworks, the best place to go is the night market, where the lights go up: Khao SAN Road Night Market, Ratchanda Train Night Market, Hua Hin Night Market, Chiang Mai Sunday Night Market……. All kinds of special snacks are waiting for you, grilled pork belly, grilled chicken, fried insects, volcanic ribs, raw marinade salad, seafood barbecue, fruit smoothies, etc. Let you eat from head to tail;

If you don’t have time to sit down and eat a quiet meal, 711 is your choice.

In a word, every one of them is Tazan!


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