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Unexpected? Do you know the best food cities in the United States?

No. 1

Hawaii has a large number of Asian immigrants, so the food blend into a lot of Asian elements, even a thorough “Asian stomach”, in Hawaii can be happy to eat and drink.

Squid Luau looks like a dark dish, and Squid luau is hard to swallow. But it’s made with squid, taro leaves, coconut milk and Onions, and it’s amazing.

Laulau is steamed with pork wrapped in taro leaves until it is tender. The soft, waxy pork is fragrant with taro leaves, and the taste is reminiscent of preserved pork with dried vegetables.

The Kalua Pig, a Hawaiian feast, is cooked in a traditional pit oven. The pork is roasted long enough to be shredded by hand for a smoky flavor. It works well in bibimbap or Taco.

Ahi Poke, the most popular poke bowl in North America and at home, originated in Hawaii.

Loco Moco, meatloaf, omelette, Gravy, gravy, delicious hot rice, flowing yellow eggs and fried rice thick gravy mixed together, just to look at the mouth.

Musubi, luncheon meat and nori rice balls, is an affordable delicacy found on the streets of Hawaii. The rice is soft and chewy, the fried luncheon meat is fragrant with grease, and some restaurants add ingredients like avocado and puyaki eel to add richness.

2. New Orleans

When you think of New Orleans, the first thing that comes to mind is Orleans Roasted wings. But New Orleans isn’t really the birthplace of the New Orleans Roast Wing. With a large French, Spanish and African immigrant population, it is famous for its two unique cuisines, Cajun and Creole.

The two are not very different in terms of style and taste. The main difference is that tomatoes are often used in Creole dishes and not in Cajun dishes.

New Orleans may not have roasted wings, but it’s a great place to eat crawfish. Locals like to shell crayfish, add spices, boil into a thick soup, and then eat bibimbap.

Roasted oysters are also a must-eat in New Orleans:

Felix’s Restaurant & Oyster Bar is one of New Orleans’ most famous oyster restaurants. Fresh oysters are roasted over a charcoal fire, drizzled with garlic butter and sprinkled with crispy breadcrumbs.

3. Seattle

Seattle’s food culture is more than just the hometown of star-daddy.

At Pike Place Market, you can find fruits and vegetables picked fresh from the farm, shrimp and fish caught in the morning, and a variety of food. There are dozens of restaurants and food stands.

And for the local, seafood is the heart of the Seattle er.

Advantaged geographical location, the achievement of rich seafood. You know, a lot of West Coast crab is imported from our state.

In Seattle, you can also taste some of the fattest, sweetest oysters, and during peak season, many restaurants have Happy Hour when oysters are ridiculously cheap.

Of course, there’s Pike Place Chowder, which always has queues, Beecher cheese, which is completely transparent, Sushi Kashiba, and Starbucks coffee, which is a must-have for all visitors.

Just the treasure shops in Pike Place Market, they’re gonna eat you up.

4. Portland

Portland is the epitome of Farm to table, where both food trucks and fine dining combine local, seasonal ingredients with an almost obsessive attitude. Some say Portland is a haven of inspiration for chefs.

Want something sweet? Voodoo donut in Portland has been called an American legend: It looks like a voodoo shop and smells sweet and creamy when you walk in.

The fluffy doughnuts are deep-fried to get a crispy crust and are covered with a variety of sweet sauces: chocolate, frosting, granulated sugar, some stuffed with sweet cream. Taste sweet and fluffy, no sweet not happy star will fall in love with.

Love salty food? Apizza Scholls, a seven-year-old pizza in Portland, is recommended.

The pizza pastry here is crispy, slightly moist and just right. Even the pizza was delicious on the side, full of strong wheat and charcoal smell.

Want fine dining? Portland will do the same for you. Ox, an Argentine style, Le Pigeon, a French bistro, and Kachka, a Russian delicacy, are among the recommended specialties.

5. San Francisco

San Francisco has more Michelin restaurants than any other city in the United States with 3 Michelin stars. There are many kinds of restaurants here, ranging from cheap small restaurants to fine dining.

Among the more popular is Boudin Bakery, which opened in 1848 and whose Sourdough Soup Bowl is a boon for carbonados. The round sourdough bread, hollowed-out in the center, is filled with a rich broth, and the gritty, slightly sour bread keeps every diner hooked.

For those with a sweet tooth, try Ghirardelli’s chocolate sundae. Mellow ice cream, thick chocolate, with fresh fruit, instantly bring you into the sweet fairy tale world.

In addition to the food, San Francisco has some of the best wine in America. Thanks to its unique climate, California is a major producer of wine in the United States, and the two most famous wineries are in Napa Valley and Sonoma County, just over an hour’s drive from San Francisco. Locals stop by on weekends for a drink, a chat and a couple of bottles of wine.

6. California

San Francisco isn’t the only food city in California. Los Angeles, best known for Hollywood, is also home to a star-studded food scene.

Food trucks are ubiquitous in Los Angeles: Korean, Japanese, Mexican and other cuisines can be served at the trucks. Because of this unique food truck culture, many aspiring young chefs will choose to open their first restaurant in Los Angeles in the form of a food truck

In a city where ‘the streets are full of models’, healthy eating is mainstream culture. Los Angeles has a wide variety of vegetarian foods and tastes so good that it’s been named a “vegan paradise” by PETA.

Plant Food + Wine is a vegetarian restaurant by celebrity chef Matthew Kenney.

Bestia serves authentic Italian food.

Petit Trois is headed by the famous Ludo Lefebvre, who studied with French gastronomies (Alain Passard, Marc Meaneau, Pierre Gagnaire and Guy Martin), Create fabulous French cuisine at Petit Trois.

7. New York

Known as the “capital of the world,” New York cannot be without the “cuisine of the world.” In New York, you can eat all the cuisines of the world: Mediterranean, New American, African, Middle Eastern, nothing you can’t imagine. No matter how dressed up or casual, no matter how big the budget, no matter what time it is late at night, the city is home to a treasure Trove of restaurants that will make you call them delicious.

With more than 70 Michelin-starred restaurants, New York has more Michelin stars than any other city in the US. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Eleven Madison Park, Le Bernardin, Tori Shin and Sushi Amane are some of the restaurants I’d like to visit every day if I weren’t worried about my wallet.

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