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From durian to steamed crab with milk, open Thailand, these new foods are tempting!

In fact, half of the interesting life is mountains, lakes and seas, the other half is human fireworks. Indeed, the world fireworks gas, the most ask people’s hearts. Today Xiaobian will take you to feel the Thai fireworks at this moment.

In the order of fruit

The deliciousness of the world is evidence of living in the present

Call the roll! Have you done anything to durian during this time? Yes, it is the durian season in Thailand. Xiaobian immediately found a durian garden in Rayong Prefecture for you.

Suphattraland, which covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, boasts 25 kinds of fruits, such as durian.

On the 30th of last month, the first wave of visitors arrived here this year. To get a taste, book four days in advance.

The thoughtful farmer has prepared a tour bus that will greet guests from 8 a.m. and run every 20 minutes until 16:20 p.m.

In addition to watching a variety of fruit picking, you can also experience the fun of fruit picking yourself.

The highlight is going with them to the fruit cafeteria.

Any durian to eat, durian here to gold pillow.

In addition to the golden pillow, there is a golden phoenix. Look at this luck, the whole piece of meat wrapped in small pieces of the stone, one bite down package you enjoy.

The local way is to eat durian with mangosteen, which is delicious and not easy to get angry.

Snakeskin, “I’m ugly, but I’m delicious.”

Dragon Palace fruit, yellow peel fruit do not know you have eaten it? This is Thailand’s yellow bark fruit, which is sweeter.

Rambutan, a sweet fruit, is so delicious that you have to try it.

Mangoes, lotus mist, all lined up for you to enjoy. There are shakya fruit, coconut, passion fruit, grapefruit, etc., depending on whether these fruits are ripe when you go!

You think the durian garden only has fruit? Does this basket remind you of a delicious dish?

As you’ve guessed, green papaya salad, a popular dish throughout Thailand, is perfect for hot weather. By the way, the papaya is farm – grown, ecological fresh fragrance.

In addition to papaya, there is a green salad, which the farmer grows himself, of course.

Kebabs and meatballs, which are common in Thailand, await visitors. The name of the meatball is “Eat standing up,” and it’s probably even better when eaten standing up.

Finally, a picture of the local choice of food, fruit, vegetables and meat, very satisfied.

Here’s the highlight: This high-quality fruit feast costs only 650 baht per person, no premium for foreigners. If you know that it is almost an unwritten fact that foreigners pay a higher price for tickets, then you will find it as rare as Xiaobian.

So, let’s take fruit as the order, see together for food, and hope to start your new journey here. Here comes the real Thai food. Serve up!

Lead with music

The appetite is awakened and the taste is worth your advance

Eating and playing are twin brothers. For example, Bangsaen Pumptrack, a newly opened shop in Chonburi, is now a new Chonburi landmark.

That’s right. According to the owner, because he likes skateboarding and music, as well as food and camping, he simply put these ideals of life in the shop.

Like skateboarding, the venue is free to use.

The owner says the dishes are all customer-driven, and if they don’t taste good, they will be removed immediately. Eighty percent preferred the 390 baht fried pork knuckles, which are thick and marinated for 12 hours before being cooked.

The second option is a 350-baht egg sauce with crab meat, which leaves a mouthful of crab meat and leaves a mouthful of smell.

At 220 baht, the “poached egg in Hot Pot” is rich in seafood and fragrant with fried garlic.

Fish lovers must come and try the 390 baht braised seabass. Fresh perch is cut into bite-sized chunks and fried until crispy.

For those who love seafood, order the 190 baht iron plate seafood.

For a steak BBQ set like this, 480 baht is enough.

The most worth trying is the roasted river shrimp, full of shrimp yellow attractive? 1,000 baht a kilo. Do you think it’s expensive?

The boss also arranges a live band for the entertainment.

Drink and sing, a cup to tomorrow, a cup to the past.

Take taste as an invitation

Save three cents for a late supper

Next to a petrol station in Pattaya, after yum opened a raw marinated seafood shop.

The trick is to line up at 3 p.m. every day, and if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can pay 400 baht for a ticket from a scalper. Food is served at 4:00, and orders stop at 9:30 p.m. Let’s just say it’s very Thai.

Simple food stall configuration, attracting a wave of the same preferences of guests.

Some may think this is a little primitive, but delicious food is not for them to think too much about right now. The sour, spicy, sweet, and delicious taste is fascinating, so try it next time you’re in Thailand. Here’s a classic, starting with a plate of raw pickled shrimp and raw pickled crab.

Fresh salmon, melting in your mouth.

Raw pickled cockles, similar to blood clams, only lighter in color.

Raw salted egg yolk, bright red straight water.

Recently, however, new menus have been introduced, such as this Tom Yum Gong soup, which combines hot and sour flavors in a bowl. This Thai soup, Xiaobian at home how to do it can not make that taste, very miss.

This combination of sour, spicy and sweet taste, in the eyes of Thai people, is just a combination of the most primitive ingredients and the most overbearing taste, melting in the mouth, just like their character, calm but warm.

In the name of seafood

Life is a grand journey

For more sophisticated flavors in Thai food, check out Bangkok Seafood Restaurant. The restaurant was listed in the Michelin Guide for three consecutive years from 2019 to 2021, and also won the first place of Seafood restaurant in Thailand by Dianping.

The most popular is steamed crab with milk at 1,500 baht 1kg.

The 380 baht deep-fried squid, which is fresh whole and fried in a fragrant fish sauce, is delicious.

The prawns and vermicelli, which can hardly fit on the plate, are only available from Monday to Friday because they can’t make it on weekends when there are so many people.

Despite being a seafood restaurant, the following dishes are almost classic Thai dishes. Let’s see if you’ve had any? Like Thai seafood fried rice.

Crab curry, think about where you last ate it.

And added crab paste salad green papaya shreds, have a special flavor.

With flowers and plants as medium

Strong life does not lack the taste of romance

The first time you ate Thai food, did you have this question, how can you eat leaves? How can eggplant and beans be eaten raw? Indeed, in Thailand, flowers, grass and leaves can be served. At The unique farm restaurant The Nature, for example, the eyes may be the first to fill up.

Tucked away in a county town near the Koh Samui airport in Surat Thani Province, the shop is not easy to find, but it is never short of guests.

Tang Seng is not here, the owner of the shop takes good care of these plants and plants, because they can enter the stomach. That’s right. You extract the color from the flowers and put it in the vermicelli, and you serve it with your secret sauce, and it’s beautiful and delicious.

The leaves, roots or seeds of these plants all have just the right place in the eyes of The Nature chef.

“Say Love Lotus” has its most loyal fans here? Might as well use the lotus as a medium, let you eat the whole summer.

And pad Thai, which has a definite place on the Thai food charts, yes, it can also be eaten with raw bean sprouts.

Sweet shrimp sauce with rice and sliced raw beans, it’s hard to spoil the aesthetic.

Human fireworks, eat first. Food is always the hot spot on the trip. This issue of Thai food guide, throw a brick to introduce jade, hope to everyone’s food strategy all help. Let me know in the comments section, what other Thai food coordinates do you recommend? Food on earth, we are on the road together… .


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