American Cuisine

Ha ha ha ha, the United States should also have local characteristics snacks? One state, one taste.

A qualified foodie should not be confined to the obsession with their favorite food, unable to extricate themselves; Instead, put weight loss behind you with the determination to eat everywhere.

Come across the ocean to Great America, you may complain about how all the crude fried chicken, hamburgers, sandwiches, once barbecued skewers, hot pot, crayfish gone forever, dreams shattered, chrysanthemums broken, all over the ground.


Breakfast is just like at home. Cereal cereal with milk, high-calorie Pancake pancakes or Waffle wafers, fried and boiled eggs of any kind, Omelette if you want something different with juice and coffee, and high-calorie Sausage and Bacon.


Lunch will be easy. Office workers usually like to bring their own sandwiches, or go to a fast food restaurant to buy a burger, salad, yogurt, and a drink. To say it directly is to save time, and to avoid saying it in a roundabout way is to save money.


Dinner varies from state to state: pasta, salad, steak, fried chicken breast or salmon, fried chicken with mashed potatoes… All kinds of things, just in case you think.

Living here, why not learn about the history of American food culture? In this multi-ethnic country, American food is a living melting pot.

History of American food culture

The 16th century and before

Back before the sixteenth century, Indians were the principal inhabitants of the United States. At this stage, they laid the foundation for the staple food of the United States – corn. In the era of food and clothing, the United States had not yet formed a complete food system and food system. By the 16th century, when the Spanish from Mexico came to America, the corn was too simple, and that’s how Taco was born, or what we know as Taco.

The 17th century and beyond

In the 17th and 18th centuries, European immigrants flooded into the United States, and with them laid the foundation of traditional American cuisine – English cuisine. Later, African immigrants introduced novel ingredients and condiments to American dinner tables. In the second half of the 19th century, Chinese and Italian immigrants arrived in the United States, and all kinds of new American-style Chinese food emerged: fried noodles, tangerine chicken, hot and sour soup… Unfortunately, Chinese food is still not the most popular food in the United States, because Americans eat it, after all, they don’t cook it at home. Americanized Italian food dominates American restaurant culture and is popular. After the 20th century, immigrants from all over the world brought in cuisines from their countries: the French way of food, Danish pastries, Indian curries… That’s the genius of the Melting pot, the ability to embrace everything.

So what is the favorite food in every state?

A few great Americans, food never lies.

American states love their favorite foods

CN Traveler, a travel magazine from American media company CondeNast, compiled a list of local favorites from 52 U.S. states (including Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.). No Michelin restaurant delicacy, no fancy decoration, in the stomach can actually eat full. Is it delicious? It is still up to you to taste the guest. (Alphabetical order A-Z)

1. Alabama — FriedGreen Tomatoes

The local popularity of tomato cakes may be attributed to a novel by Alabama writer Fannie Flagg, which was later turned into a film called Fried Green Tomatoes. Green tomatoes, fried in oil with crunchy corn flour.

2. KingCrab, Alaska

King crab, fresh from the water, is a must-have in Alaska. Its sweet, juicy meat is dipped in butter, which seafood lovers can’t resist.

3.Arizona — Sonoran Dog

Come to Arizona, with bacon wrapped in hot dogs, tomatoes, raw onion mix, mustard, hot sauce and other condiments made everywhere, this is the symbol of Arizona.

4. Fried Catfish in Arkansas

This Southern classic is made from whole catfish, fished out in a rich batter and fried to achieve a perfect golden crisp.

5. California -Baja Fish Tacos

California is a big state with a huge variety of food, and this Baja fish tacos is the only one that everyone agrees is California cuisine. Tacos are wrapped in fresh fish and served with cabbage. Well, fish tacos are not exclusive to Mexicans.

6. Lamb, Colorado

Lamb chops aren’t just found in the Middle East. Colorado is a great place to visit. Meat rotten flavor, burnt inside tender, and then with a little unique smell of mutton, happiness arises spontaneously.

7. Connecticut, Connecticut -Hamburger

You may not believe the burger was created in the third smallest state in the United States more than a century ago. In a hurry to take care of customers, a chef casually placed a minced steak between two slices of bread. That’s how the burger went viral.

8.Delaware -Scrapple

Although the corn patties are the birthplace of Pennsylvania, Delaware is the world’s largest manufacturer. A mixture of ground pork, cornflour, wheat flour and spices, forming a loaf of bread, sliced thinly and fried until crispy and golden brown.

9.Florida — Key Lime Pie

Originated from the Key West sect in the far south of the United States, it’s not just any school. Meringue covered with freshly squeezed lime, American desserts don’t have to be calorie-dense and cloying, okay?

10.Georgia -Peach Cobbler

Those who love dessert can’t miss yellow peach pie. It’s a bit like pie, but without the crust underneath, the top layer is not as gorgeous as pie. The crispy baked skin is the fruit flowing with sweet juice underneath, and the crispy skin with the soft filling is another flavor compared to pie.

11.Hawaii — Poke

Hawaiian classics: A little bit of sushi, a little bit of Hawaii. Tuna marinated in raw soy sauce and sesame oil, served with Onions, seaweed and white rice, grass is a must in summer.

12.Idaho — Steak, Idaho

Idaho is the place to go for steak, beef from Kobe, Japan, and Black Angus, aged for 28 days with rich butter. Maybe even beginner foodies will applaud.

13.Illinois — Chicago Style Dog

The state’s most famous food is the Chicago hot dog. A hot dog piled with kimchi and served with chili and tomato is really delicious.

14. Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, Indiana

Any Indiana native will tell you this is a must-eat in the state. It’s made from crushed bread crumbs and fried pork. This sandwich is an unofficial state dish, but it’s not surprising.

15.Iowa -Cured Bacon

This bacon tastes very different from the greasy bacon we are used to. It’s made from a mix of handmade brown sugar, pepper and salt, which is probably why it’s so popular in Iowa.

16.Kansas Kansas -Joe’s Kansas City BBQ”Z Man” Sandwich

If you ask any local which sandwich is good, they’ll say -Z Man. It’s not just any barbecue sandwich, it’s more like a higher grade sandwich. Sliced juicy beef brisket, smoked provo cheese and two crispy onion rings, drizzled with sauce and grilled.

17.Kentucky -Hot Brown Sandwich

It looks like a very different sandwich, Turkey, bacon, and cheese bechamel. It’s more of a delicate dish.

18.Lousiana -Po ‘Boy

Commonly known as the “poor boy sandwich”, but not very handsome. Some were stuffed with roast beef, others with fried shrimp. The beef was rich in flavour and the texture blended perfectly with the super-soft bread. Some people say it’s similar to Taiwanese snacks, with good oil collection and a bit like Banh Mi.

19.Maine -Lobster Roll

No food is as ubiquitous in Maine as lobster. Steamed lobster with butter, boss, I want another one!

20. Crab Cakes, Maryland

Crab cakes, a local favorite and a point of pride for Marylanders, focus on the meat, which is delicate.

21. Clam Chowder, Massachusetts

The clam chowder has not only a seafood flavor, but also a buttery flavor. Delicious things are similar, looking at the ordinary, but touched countless people to open their wallets to taste.

22. Mackinac Island Fudge, Michigan

A specialty from Michigan is a sweet treat like chocolate. People who come here, they’ll have bought a little fudge for their friends and relatives back home.

23.Minnesota — Lefse

This is a traditional flat bread from Norway, made from potatoes, flour, butter and milk. You could say it’s a super simple food combination, but often the simple ones are the best, sweet and delicious.

24.Mississippi — Fried Chicken

Don’t be misled by KFC when it comes to fried chicken. In fact, fried chicken is ubiquitous in Mississippi, where it’s a favorite from gas stations to fancy restaurants.

25. Gooey Butter Cake, Missouri

Unless you have a sweet tooth, this Missouri cake may not be everyone’s cup of tea. A cake made of sugar, cheese, cream, and a lot of butter. Just want to say: Sweet, sweet!

26. Huckleberry Pie, Montana

Montana loves cranberries, so this translates to cranberry plum pie, which is commonly known as the best dessert after dinner. Whether you eat it straight, or dip it in whipped cream, you’ll love it. When I went to Montana, I learned that cranberry can be used not only in pies, but also in all kinds of cranberry flavored foods and desserts.

27. Runza, Nebraska

This simple rectangular sandwich is made of beef, cabbage, onion and flavored bread. I hear it’s like stinky tofu, it doesn’t smell very good, so take a bite and it will change your opinion of the sandwich 100%.

28. Basque Lamb and Picon Punch, Nevada

Nevada traditional food, also known as oxtail stew, with French fries, salad, an American home-cooked meal to eat.

29.New Hampshire -Cider Doughnuts

A doughnut made of apple juice, this dessert is enough to make Americans forget their obsession with pumpkin pie.

30.New Jersey -Deli Sandwich

New Jersey is famous for its Deli sandwiches. Ham, salami, pepperoni, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion drizzled with oil and vinegar for a filling treat.

31.New Mexico -Green Chile Enchiladas

New Mexico, with its large Mexican population, loves spicy things. Nachos filled with chicken, mixed with cheese and onion burritos, and baked to perfection. It will be full of energy!

32.New York, NY -Pizza

New York is a culinary melting pot, and pizza is a must. Diners have plenty of options, from paying 99 cents on the street for a decent slice of cheap pizza to going to Little Italy for authentic Neapolitan pizzas.

33.North Carolina -BBQ Pulled Pork With Vinegar Sauce

This looks like a Chinese marinated dish and certainly fits the bill for a serious barbecue lover. Rich, salty and meaty, some of the best barbecue businesses in the state sold out within an hour of opening.

34.North Dakota — Juneberry Pie

Popular in Canada and the American Midwest, this pie is blueberry with a nutty flavor.

35. Cincinnati Chili, Ohio

With pasta and cheese, the Cincinnati chili is said to be available only in Cincinnati. It is a well-balanced and versatile food.

36.Oklahoma -Chicken Fried Steak

Fried chicken can’t be perfect without gravy. The golden crust, crisp on the outside and tender on the inside, is addictive in a few bites for a fried chicken lover like me.

37.Oregon — Marionberry Pie

Marion berry, native to Oregon, is a blend of blackberries. Americans, who love all kinds of pies, are not going to pass up the opportunity to make them.

38. Philly Cheesesteak, Pennsylvania

This humble sandwich, made from thinly sliced or shredded ribeye and topped with melted cheese, is a big name.

Great California’s favorite food is Tacos! Is everyone happy with the result? Give the city Lord a choice, and the City Lord can pick a list. If you have a better recommendation, don’t forget to share it with other friends in the comments below!

Which ones have you tried?


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