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Foodie must have: The introduction of American food

No matter where you go, you can’t go without food. For foodies, here are some must-try foods.


American fast food

The representative of American food is all kinds of American fast food. These greasy burgers with deep-fried, golden fries are a staple in the United States, where convenient forms of fast food are popular.

The most famous is succulent Lucy. It’s common to add cheese to burgers, but not common to add melted cheese to patties. The amount of meat is often several layers, a poke in the flow of cheese ~ this kind of fast food is awakening the soul!

There are also some famous local fast food that you have to try In the United States, such as Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, which is much cheaper than in China but has a large quantity, Dunkin ‘Donuts, which is famous in North America for its delicious doughnuts, and In-n-Out, a famous hamburger chain in the United States (you can add up to four patties to a burger).


Seafood cuisine

The long and narrow coastlines along the east and west coasts, along with Alaska in the far north, close to the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean, make the United States extremely rich in seafood. Native Americans also take great care in cooking seafood ingredients. Good egg rolls with crab meat, fresh king crab claws and rich clam chowder are all examples of American seafood.

Regional characteristics:

New England: Clams and lobsters

Maryland: Halal crab

Louisiana: Oysters, shrimp, Gulf fish

California: Fish, crab, shrimp Alaska, Washington: Salmon, king crab, halibut, sweet crab

Hawaii: Yellowfin tuna, bonito


American barbecue

In Texas, the home of cowboys, the traditional barbecue is an unspoken staple. Known as the best state for barbecuing, Texas barbecued meat has now spread throughout the United States. Visitors can easily eat this traditional cooking delicacy.

Whether it’s steak or pork. During the long roasting process, the meat absorbs the flavor of the seasoning while retaining its original flavor. Of course, if you want to taste the most authentic Texas barbecue, Houston’s streets are filled with barbecue restaurants.



In the United States, Turkey is not only served as a feast on Thanksgiving Day, but also often appears in American daily meals. For example, many restaurants offer Turkey salads, Turkey sandwiches, burgers, etc.

But the classic, of course, is freshly roasted and freshly cut Turkey. The meat of the Turkey is relatively firm, and it is best to choose the skin part to dip in the sauce to eat, is the most delicious.


Cobb salad

Cobb salad is one of the most classic American salads. American salads are not as light as those in Europe, but have plenty of meat, avocados and cheese on top of greens. A plate of salad, tossed with dressing, is one of the few greens among the many fried foods.


Clam cream potage

You can probably taste this soup anywhere else, but it’s extra fresh at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, and you can even dip it in sourdough bread. It’s rich and flavorful.


American pie

If the United States is good at desserts, then all kinds of pies are America’s “king of desserts.” Pie is not only a popular end-of-meal dessert for Americans, but also a great way to exchange gifts when visiting family and friends.

The most classic pie in the United States is apple pie. Layers of crispy pie crust and sweet soft apple filling make visitors feel infinite surprise. Of course, there are all kinds of pies in America, such as cranberry pie, blueberry pie, strawberry pie and so on. A variety of fruit pies, served with a scoop of ice cream, is America’s favorite “way to eat pie.”


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