Mexican Cuisine

The world’s five cuisines of Mexican food, taste together on the tip of the tongue refreshing ~

If you are asked what are the top five cuisines in the world?

Would you guess Mexican food is one of them?

With Chinese food, French food, Indian food, Italian food.

Its origins lie in the Indian cuisine of Central America,

A mix of European cuisine, especially Spanish cuisine,

After the Spanish conquered the Aztec Empire in the 16th century,

On top of the local basics, corn, beans and peppers,

And added some European elements.

Summer is the season for Mexican food,

Refreshing salads, hot and sour dishes, crunchy nachos,

And I just want to say,

Taco gives life to summer

Papi’s Tacos

Speaking of Mexican food, Taco, of course,

Taco, of course, is Papi’s Tacos.

Taco in their name is a sign of confidence.

It’s like a humble street store,

But their Taco and pork burritos,

It’s gonna make you want to come back.

And a limited number of new dishes come out each month,

Also may wish to point to taste fresh oh ~

You’d better make a reservation before you go

Reservation website

39 Seah St, #01-01, Singapore 188395

Time: 12pm-9.30pm

Tel: +6562580701




Speaking of Mexican food, if all you’ve ever had is Taco,

That is really not to feel its unique charm.

The most distinctive dish in this restaurant,

It’s Quesadilla. It’s quesadilla.

Pancakes filled with cheese, mixed with vegetables, spices,

The delicious smell.

There’s another starter that’s worth trying,

It’s called East meat west,

It’s made of fried buns, grilled chicken and mayonnaise.

Very Spanish, which is a type of Tapas,

But the ingredients and the cooking are very Mexican,

It’s a wonderful blend of history.

Address: 33 Bali Ln, Singapore 189869

Business hours: 5pm-10.30pm, closed on Sunday

Tel: +6591318355

Lucha Loco

Compared to the casualness of the first two,

It’s a little more Fine Dining,

If you’re looking for something romantic and fun,

This place will be perfect for your needs.

It’s the classic Taco, and they do it with a little bit more thought,

Adding more unique spices, vegetables,

It looks exquisite, and the flavors blend just right.

They also incorporate more European elements,

The cocktail selection is also super rich

Business hours: 11.30am-10pm (Mon-Fri), 3pm-10pm (Sat), closed on Sunday

Address: 15 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089598

Tel: +6562263938


La Salsa

If there’s anything in Mexican food that’s more like Chinese food,

Probably Fajitas.

With chicken, beef, shrimp, or other meats,

With green pepper, onion, saute on a plate,

It’s the same as teppanyaki.

But in Mexican food,

It’s served with different Mexican sauces,

Suddenly it’s a totally different feeling.

You can also order a tortilla,

You can make your own burritos

Business hours: 12pm-11pm

Address: 11 Dempsey Rd, #01-17, Singapore 249673

Tel: +6564756976



With all the talk of Mexican specialties,

The Burrito must have a separate name.

This place is famous for its burritos,

A big filling is enough, a tube is full.

Mainly rice, beans, vegetables and meat,

With sauces, hot sauce, cheese, etc.,

Fill the whole burrito to make it look unpretentious,

Eat it all in one bite.

There’s a little dish I’d like you to try,

It’s French fries with beef strips and guacamole,

Well, it seems a little strange,

It tastes good when you’re done.

Address: 182 Cecil St, #01-01 Frasers Tower, Singapore 069547

Time: 11am-9pm (closed on Sunday)

Tel: +6565130215

Margarita’s Dempsey Hill

If you don’t mind a slightly dated decor,

Then this Mexican restaurant is definitely worth a try.

Opened in the 1980s,

Probably a little older than many of us.

It’s also cheaper than many restaurants in the area,

Entrees usually cost around $30,

All kinds of barbecue, Taco, burritos,

And don’t forget the signature Margarita

Address: 11 Dempsey Rd, Singapore 249673

Time: 11:30am-10:30pm

Tel: 64713228

Average price: $40



The 50,000-kilometer Pan-American Highway from North America to South America,

Through 14 countries/regions, bringing together cuisines from all over the world,

The result is this American specialty grill.

I have to say, this place is super photo friendly,

Especially an outdoor location with an ocean view.

Their specialty is a variety of grilled meats and vegetables,

If you like lamb, be sure to try their roast lamb,

Almost every roast is served with a different secret sauce,

(Maybe that’s the Mexican part.)

It’s the perfect combination of greasy and meaty.

You need a reservation, you want an outdoor location,

Make an appointment at least a month in advance

Reservation website

Address: 27 Bukit Manis Rd, Sentosa Golf Club, 099892

Time: 12pm-10pm

Tel: +6562 2538182


Average price: $50


This is one of the most underrated Mexican restaurants,

All the specials are perfectly cooked,

The one I particularly want to recommend to you is Taquito,

Their dish is called Ancho Beef Chimichanga,

It looks more like a fried spring roll.

The crispy crust is wrapped in beef and cheese,

It’s full of stuffing, it can be brushed,

With diced tomato and shredded lettuce on the side,


The beef Quesadilla is also recommended

Address: 36 Dunlop St, Singapore 209364

Tel: +6562 2933314

Time: 12pm-10.30pm


Super Loco

It’s a sister store to the aforementioned Lucha Loco,

The same family that is deep in Taco territory.

His Taco gets even more creative,

It’s really about adding anything to it.

All kinds of simple ingredients, cooked in different styles,

And then get sucked into the nachos,

Well, they all blend well with the Mexican style,

They’ve also added more vegetable, vegetarian options this year,

If you are interested, try it.

Address: 60 Robertson Quay, #01-13 The Quayside, Singapore 238252

Tel: +6562358900

Time: 11.30am-10.30pm (Weekdays), 9am-10.30pm (Weekends)

Official website:

Cafe Iguana

If the first few places are more suitable for eating,

It’s definitely a good place to have two drinks after dinner.

Located along the Singapore River with river views and city views,

Order Nachos and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Nachos isn’t really traditional Mexican food anymore,

It’s a combination of something very American.

It’s made of corn chips, cheese, meat sauce,

It’s rich and it goes down very well.

Address: 30 Merchant Road #01-03 Riverside Point, 058282

Tel: +6562361275

When: 5pm-11.30pm (Monday to Thursday), 12pm-10.30pm (Friday to Sunday)


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