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British supermarkets must buy food! This article does not tread on the thunder

Tell me one thing I fell in love with when I came to England

Going to the supermarket must be one of them

When the councillor went to school in the village

I often go to the supermarket

So many supermarkets in the UK

What are the must-have foods in every household?

Follow along with this English Premier League

Vol.1/ Remainers’ favourite M&S

Martha’s is our treasure trove of snacks, from baking to snacking, from fruits and vegetables to cooked foods, which you can buy with your eyes closed.

In particular, strawberry tarts (which are really hard to find these days), butterfly shortcake and pistachio butter biscuits are all ceilings for British desserts!

Vol.2/ Waitrose Must-eat recommendations

Waitrose does not lose when it comes to unlimited purchases of gourmet food, and because of its upmarket approach and royal suppliers, the quality and freshness of the food is guaranteed.

Especially fruit, grapes, strawberries, peaches and so on are super juicy and meat, when it comes to here have to give you Amway, open bag ready to eat ox tongue can be bought in the rose!

Vol.3/ National Supermarket Tesco Food recommendations

Tesco supermarkets in the UK generally have three scales, from small to large, generally divided into Express, Metro and Extra. There are many kinds of items and they are very affordable. The instant food area can let the taste buds travel through many countries, and the Asian food area in the Extra is very complete.

Vol.4/ National supermarket Sainsbury’s food recommendations

In addition to Tesco, the national supermarket in Britain must be Sainsbury’s. The apple pie in his dessert area is very good, and the honey cashew nuts and peanuts produced by himself are all the committee members must buy back every single item!

Vol.5/ Morrisoms Food recommendations

Morrison also has many excellent competitors, such as this instant hairy crab. Those who like it in autumn can go to Kangkang!

And then there’s the Croissants baked fresh every day, which are as cheap as Lidl’s. You can buy several of them for a pound, and be sure to go home early, but they’re gone late!

Vol.6/ Budget supermarket Lidl food recommendations

Lidl has so much to offer, especially in the bakery section! Each one is so cheap and delicious that the bakery is usually empty by the afternoon

The committee also found Harbin red sausage substitute at his home: Dulana Kielbasa Slaska

This Polish sausage is really Haerbing sausage flavor. The crunchy texture and slightly smoky flavor make it great to eat out of a bag or make a hot dog!

Vol.7/ Iceland features frozen food

Iceland is really cheap and delicious! Fried rice, pizza, pasta, cake, puffs, fruits and vegetables, seafood, all kinds of fried food snacks, and so on, here only you can imagine, nothing can not be frozen!

Vol.8/ Supermarket membership card saving tips

Soaring prices in the UK, often go to the supermarket’s treasure son, members suggest to a membership card, accumulate over time really can save a lot of money! The committee had been in small before

Tesco clubcard is also the most commonly used by members. Not only can you enjoy membership price for many items, but also you can get a lot of super bargains when you get credits to a certain amount.

Which supermarket do you usually go to most? You are welcome to nominate in the comments section for any treasures you have found.


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