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The American snack of the past 30 years is here, and even the president is choking on it!

Antienne Butterfly Cake has been around for 30 years, has more than 1,850 stores worldwide, and is a ubiquitous national snack in the United States.

The flour for the dough is pre-mixed from a factory in the United States and shipped directly to the store every month. The dough is kneaded by hand every day and baked fresh every day, and the transparent kitchen is ready to watch the staff at work.

-Knead a dough that breathes

The transparent bakery can see every step of the staff. From mixing the flour by hand, to rolling it into a perfectly dense dough, you can even capture the slight bounce of the dough as soon as you cut it.

From dough to butterfly cake, the little brother’s divine hand speed only 2s. Butterfly cake size requirements are very strict, each must accept the standard size test on the table!

– Get dirty before you go into the stove

The dough must be soiled before it goes into the oven, rolling madly in the almond crisp until it is covered in crushed almonds

– You can’t see anyone until you’ve brushed the butter

Fresh from the oven, butter is brushed while the dough is hot, and the hot dough immediately stimulates the aroma of butter. Lying in a heated cabinet with an attractive sheen.

Always full cabinet, 3 sizes optional

The butterfly cake takes 6mins to bake, the transparent window is small, but it is always full, fresh butterfly cake has been continuously baked.

There are butterfly cakes, anti sticks and Anti blocks available in three different forms, all the same dough. It is said that former US President George W. Bush once choked on his throat and passed out because of his gluttonous butterfly cake

Signature almond Crisp, global daily sales of 40w

Almond cracker

The butterfly cake comes in seven flavors, sweet, salty, and spicy. The classic is this sweet almond cracker.

Freshly baked butterfly cakes are fragrant with nuts and dough, and you can smell the fragrance wafting from the bakery as you pass by the door.

The best part of baking is in the first few minutes, when the cake is soft and scorched, and you can see the cracks on the crispy surface and the rich pores inside.

There are 5 kinds of dipping sauces to choose from. Tomatoshasha can eat tomatoshasha’s meat, which has a very special taste. But the best thing to go with the almond cracker is the chocolate dip, which is sweet and American

Jalapeno peppers have a mischievous spicy taste, accompanied by the soft butterfly cake, the mouth will be as hot as lightning, followed by the unique flavor of the chili, the spicy people caught unprepared ~

Anti sticks with cheese filling

Anti sticks are popular with women because they have a cheese filling and are easy to handle in the form of sticks, so you can eat them delicately

The Anti sticks are filled with thick cream cheese. When rolled into strips, they are swamped by violent waves of almond crunch until they are firmly coated with crushed almonds

The Anti sticks are crunchy and full, covered with sweet and crunchy crushed almonds, with soft dough and smooth cheese inside, giving you three layers of texture in one bite.

The Flow version comes in two flavors, almond crunchy Cheese Flow and almond chocolate Cheese Flow, one creamy and one sweet and rich.

Fat little Anti block

Anti block looks chubby, there is no filling inside, looking like a small steamed bun. You can eat it with a purest dough flavor.

Brush butter Anti block bright, with a long pirate toothpick skewered to eat ~!

Anti pieces also have four flavors, recommend Italian Paparoni sausage, because of the small size so the roast more comprehensive, sausage and dough will be a little more scorched, with CP party tomato rustle taste more fragrant.

Hot dog Superstar Roll

Have to stand up for it to call, sausage is made with beef filling, every bite is strong beef flavor!

The Hot Dog Superstar Rolls come in four flavors, including original and mini

Popped fresh fruit tea for Pretzel

Aside from the baking range, the drinks are no slouches. Under the hot Shenzhen sun, a cup of crushed iced fruit tea instantly swept me into the arms of the waves.

Crush fruit tea series | now fresh flesh

Each glass is pounded with pulp by hand, so much fruit that I wonder if the staff is out to bring down the boss

Burst green tea is refreshing strong push summer! The sweet green pulp and the fragrance of small fragrant green, I drink is the taste of summer breeze.

Crushed Lychee Rose tea is a summer limited, after the lychee season will not drink, remember to drink litchee tail oh ~

The rich and sticky taste of yellow peach makes the taste of this cup of crushed peach tea much richer. A cup of yellow peach is used as a whole. The tea fragrance of oolong tea is blended into the peach juice

Series | continuous snow girl is four color pink is tender

Mango and strawberry Snow are made of pure pulp, Matcha Snow specially selected matcha powder from 36° north latitude, and the most mysterious blue mandarin is extracted from Compositae plant, everything is very natural ~

A gem blue shop by an Italian designer

It’s not just the food, but every inch of it. The contrasting palette of sapphire blue and cement ash, bold neon and angel rings are all by Italian designers.

Spacious and comfortable space and relaxed atmosphere, the air is also filled with sweet butterfly cake fragrance, let a person come in very relaxed ~

Dining tips

1. The products in the store are all made on the spot, so you need to wait patiently for a while

2. There may be a queue when the new store opens, and the waiters may be too busy. It is recommended to avoid the rush hour to get a better experience

3. There are several places in the store that are perfect for clock-in photos, especially the wall with the angel ring on a blue background


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