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What are Americans eating? The Food Map of America is revealed!

As the saying goes, food is the priority of the people! Come to the Great American Empire, do not know how to eat? Especially as a senior foodie, we should not only eat well, eat all, but also eat smart and authentic!

The United States has its unique food culture, called the export of American food is countless. But are the American delicacies we crave really popular with the locals? How do people eat differently in the United States? Today, let’s find out!


The United States is known for being a meat eater. Although per capita meat consumption in the United States has been declining in recent years, at nearly 100 pounds per person per year, it has few international rivals.

What is not widely known is that the biggest meat eater is actually Montana, which consumes more red meat each year than any other state in the United States. In fact, the average resident of the state eats steaks and burgers three to four days a week.

Meanwhile, Mainers eat the least meat, only once or twice a week on average and no more than three times a week. Those who can’t stand daily nourishment may consider applying here.


My mother said to me, eat more vegetables good health! The most common way to cook vegetables abroad is probably salad

To my surprise, however, the middle of the United States, where farms grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables, is the least vegetable-loving place.

In contrast, people in California, New York City, Florida, the District of Columbia, Oregon and Hawaii are more likely to eat fresh vegetables every day. Most Hawaiians eat leafy greens three or four days a week. Distribution of crops by state in the United States


Donuts, cupcakes, American pies, brownies, etc., are all standard American desserts. Among them, the sweet tooth of Americans, right here in the District of Columbia. Shops here are doubling up on sugar in desserts to keep local customers coming! No wonder the nation’s obesity rate isn’t going down.

In addition to the District of Columbia, the big states along the coast also have a sweet tooth. The Midwest, by contrast, is calm about the lure of dessert. Instagram also did a survey and found that North Dakota is the most “sane” state in the US, with 89.7 percent of its users preferring “fitness” over “sweets.”


Back in August 2013, a poll showed that Americans were almost evenly split between their preference for wine and their preference for beer. However, there are sharp regional differences in this fondness.

In fact, wine is more popular on the East and West coasts, and beer is more popular in the Midwest.

Also, the colder the place, the more people like to drink. Places like Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Montana, where winters are often in the low teens or low 20s, have more bars than grocery stores. Wine! No! Huan!

Soft drink

Soda is a part of American history. Although the names for soda (soda, pop, coke) vary across the country, there’s no doubt that Americans love soft drinks of all kinds.

But the study found that the farther southeast people went, the more they drank, and the trend was strikingly consistent with the latest state-by-state map of obesity. Children who want to lose weight, please resist the temptation of sweet water?


According to a survey by Dunkin’ Donuts, one of the top 10 fast-food chains in the US, 61 per cent of workers in the US need two or more cups of coffee a day, and 28 per cent need more than three. Scientists and computer engineers are among the most caffeine-boosting.

While Starbucks may be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to American coffee, the East Coast prefers Dunkin’ Donuts freshly ground coffee. Starbucks is more common on the Pacific Coast, especially near Seattle, where it was born. Don’t think Dunkin’ Donuts are just for donuts. Try their coffee instead

Fast food

There are numerous international fast food chains that originated in the United States. Take the well-known McDonald’s as an example, it has opened in more than 35,000 locations around the world so far, with 20,000 restaurants in the United States alone.

However, the fast-food chain that is popular in more states isn’t McDonald’s. It’s this one — Chick-Fil-A Loafer

Chick-fil-a is the second largest chicken fast food chain in the United States, with more than 1,700 locations and near-perfect customer service and product quality. Their fried chicken burger is known as the best fried chicken and burger in the United States, even the world! However, there is no shop of their home in China, I really envy the American friends…

I hope you can get used to it! Enjoy your meal! But it’s not good to eat fat all at once


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