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Must visit – British Treasure Street food Bazaar

With its rich cheeses, sweet local honey and stunning street delicacies, the UK has a rich and diverse food market waiting for you to sample the flavours of each country and its local specialties.

What are you waiting for? This guide to the British food market

Borough Market, London

Located in south London, Borough Market is a favorite of London foodies. Open daily, Borough Market can satisfy any craving for good food.

Situated under a railway arch between Southwark Church and Borough High Street, Borough Food Market is a vast maze of more than 150 stalls offering everything imaginable, from artisanal cheeses and organic beer to regional specialties.

Sucking on fresh oysters, watching freshly baked artisanal pasta, or just strolling through a busy market can be exhilarating.

Billingsgate Seafood Fair, London

Located in London’s Canary Wharf, Billingsgate Market is the largest inland fish market in the United Kingdom. What are you waiting for? Come face to face with restaurant chefs, fishmongers and seafood lovers to choose the freshest catch in London’s docklands!

Of course, be prepared to wake up early so you can grab fresh prawns and salmon, or join the seafood market tour from 6 to 8 am, culminating in a delicious fish breakfast.

If you can’t get up early, join one of the market’s Saturday’s Catch Tours to learn more about how fish are prepared and enjoy a wine pairing.

Broadway Market in London

Broadway Market in East London attracts local fashionistas and curious tourists every Saturday.

Broadway Market has an amazing array of food, from Vietnamese Banh Mi’s rich options to the exquisite desserts at the End of the Eclair to Shrimpy’s diverse seafood offerings.

Take time to explore the bustling vintage fashion scene, flower stalls and hip record stores while sampling the market’s variety of flavors.

Piccadilly Gardens food Market, Manchester

Every time the sun shines, this outdoor street food market will be reinvigorated by the smell of international food.

If you’re ever at Piccadilly Gardens, try Gerry’s perfumed Chinese pancakes stuffed with fresh tofu. For an even bolder flavor adventure, try this spicy lamb curry from the Caribbean.

Hatch Food Market, Manchester

If you’re looking for a place to stay, check out Hatch Food Market in Manchester. Taking its style from London’s most popular BOXPARK, Hatch Market is the ideal place to pick up a quick lunch or lively evening.

Hatch Market has plenty of independent shops, you can find authentic Asian street food at FUKU, or if you’re a fan of healthy veggie Bowls with healthy meals from Bondi and vegan burgers from Herbivorous, it’s a no-miss.

Take a look at the event calendar, which is packed with live DJS and music groups to keep you dancing through the night.

Bristol St. Nicholas Fair

Bristol’s St Nicholas Market, founded in 1743, has more than 60 stalls and a rich and diverse selection of food.

At the Glass Arcade, tuck into a falafel at Eat a Pitta or pick up your favorite fresh fruit smoothie at the Big Juice Bar.

Every Tuesday and Friday lunchtime is the perfect time to unlock Bristol’s Wine Street, with seasonal delights, internationally-inspired dishes and endless supply of food vendors guaranteed to keep you busy.

Moseley Farmers Fair, Birmingham

The Moseley Farmers’ Market brings together suppliers from all over the Midlands, and you’ll find a wide range of local specialties, from rich, handmade pies to sweet local honey and even camel milk, all presented on the last Saturday of every month.

Edinburgh farmer’s fair

The Edinburgh Farmers’ Market is held every Saturday on the Castle Terrace of Edingourt Fort. 55 specialist food producers gather here for the chance to see fat Scottish venison, organic mushrooms from the Highlands, handmade pies, and much more. Explore the most vivid culinary possibilities amid Edinburgh’s stunning cityscape.

Cardiff Central Market

Housed in a stunning Victorian building, Cardiff Central Market’s massive two-storey building houses a large number of food vendors and, of course, it is the food that keeps the market alive.

Here you can enjoy traditional Welsh cuisine, freshly baked bread, delicious coffee, and Ffwrnes Pizza’s wood-baked pizza topped with local ingredients.

The Big Feed Fair in Glasgow

Glasgow’s Big Feed Street Food Market is Scotland’s largest indoor street food market, and while it’s only open on weekends, it’s sure to fill you up with a variety of food.

Come and see the chefs in action! Test your taste buds with authentic tortillas or Salt n Chilli chips. In addition to the food, the market has retro arcade games, regular live music and drag queen performances, and the relaxed entertainment atmosphere awaits your deep unlock.

Brighton Food Fair

The 50-year-old Brighton Food Market, located on London Road, Brighton, boasts over 45 market stalls selling local specialties such as flowers, organic chocolates, vintage items and more, perfect for harvesting eclectic specials.

If you’re looking for something truly local, check out Ovetts for cream cheese or Green Valley for some sweet honey for a different surprise.

Woodside Food Market, Liverpool

Woodside Food Market is located in the village of Woodside Ferry, which mirrors the Liverpool waterfront along the banks of the River Mersey.

Open Wednesdays to Sundays, the Woodside Food Market brings together craft artists, creators and entrepreneurs, making it the ideal place to find art, great food and a view of the whole of Liverpool. If you like different flavors, try the gyoza and sushi from Haku here, or whet your taste buds with Ena Pa’s Afro-Caribbean blend.


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