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TOP10 French Internet celebrity snacks, Do you like?

As a gourmet country, France is far behind China in terms of snack types and tastes. But the French are easily satisfied, and they can happily eat endless snacks for the rest of their lives. The best way to show your love is to post beautiful Instagram photos and turn street food into an Internet celebrity


As an early Internet celebrity snack, crepe originated in Brittany, France.

In order to survive the famine, Breton people initially baked thin pancakes with flour stored in their cellars. Later, crepes became the staple food in the region. Now, crepes are the most representative characteristic food in Brittany region and the backbone of the French snack world.

Heat a large plate, spread the roux on the plate and bake the crepes in minutes.

French loves watching crepe owners expertly roll their wares on the street because it reminds me of my childhood (the pancake shop downstairs).

The biggest difference between crepes and pancakes is the ingredients. Although crepes can be salty and sweet, most people prefer the sweet ones because they can add a variety of ingredients with a high appearance level, especially fresh fruits, such as the characteristic red raspberries, which look especially appetising

Ham cheese sandwich

Across the world snack world, sandwiches occupy an important place, and among the sandwiches, the world’s highest sales should be hamburger. But France’s favorite sandwich has to be the butter-ham sandwich, which far outsells burgers, grilled dads and panini in the country.

In France, most of these sandwiches are based on baguettes, so be sure to pay attention to the expiration date, as those years of baguette versions of butter and ham sandwiches that were left unfinished for the evening have painful memories for French diners.

The butter and ham sandwich is one of the most popular snacks on the Internet that no one would want to hack, because it’s delicious and cheap.

Baked dad

If I studied in France and didn’t eat “roast Daddy”, I’m afraid I left a fake study.

When you walk down the street in France and suddenly smell the aroma of roast meat, there is definitely a “roast dad” within 100 meters.

Today, you can find grilled Dad food stalls almost everywhere in Europe, but every country is a variation of Grilled Dad.

French “roast dad” ingredients are very mixed, beef, chicken, fish, sausage may become the filling. A complete set of baked dads usually comes with fries and a fizzy drink to make it complete.


Panini is a traditional Italian sandwich made by stuffing it with Italian bread and then pressing it into a hot sandwich in a panini machine.

Panini is popular in Europe and the United States, and more and more French people are seen eating panini on the road. French people actually prefer Panini to butterham sandwiches because of the richer fillings: ham, tomato, mozzarella, lemon, green pepper, baby artichokes… Are likely to appear in Panini, which not only look good, taste rich, more balanced nutrition.


Baguettes and croissants are the two giants of French bread, but the French would rather call the croissant a snack because the baguette is a staple in their hearts.

Croissant main materials have flour, accessories have dry yeast, sugar, eggs, plant butter, milk, etc., but also according to personal hobbies, plus chocolate, jam, cream, raisins and other condiments.

Croissant is the French word for croissant, so it’s called a croissant, but the French prefer the croissant, which sounds more elegant and lovely.


Small churros

Although the Churros originated in Spain, French has observed that there are far more churros on the streets in France than in Spain.

They are made in exactly the same way as the big fried Churros in China, except that churros are made out of a squeezer, which creates a strip pattern on the surface and gives them a firmer texture.

Churros are typically fried and sprinkled with granulated sugar, but more and more Churros owners are now letting customers decide whether to make them savory or sweet.

For French speakers, Nutella is best served with a dip, or with coffee or hot cocoa.

Lightning Puff

Lightning Puff is shaped like a finger and has a delicate and smooth taste. One burst, two bites, and the whole process is lightning fast, which is the essence of lightning puff.

As a very classic French dessert, Lightning Puff has quickly become popular in the world with its shape and variety of flavors, which are full of romantic French flavor.

When you are tired of shopping, you can find a dessert shop on the roadside and eat a lightning puff. Five seconds of charging, two hours of shopping.

Ice cream

Needless to say, ice cream is not a summer in France without ice cream.

The French love ice cream, and they’re not satisfied with the assembly-line stuff they get at the supermarket. French people prefer to sit on the side of the road, in the sun, taste a cold sweet ice cream.

Although the French emperor has to admit that the ice cream is still delicious in Italy, but the French ice cream is more than the level of appearance. French lovers are especially fond of seeing pictures of ice cream posted by French ladies on Instagram, which is one of the most beautiful sights in summer.

Muffin bread

Perhaps because of a habit acquired in France, coffee is now always lacking a muffin.

The first time I saw a muffin, I thought, is this not a cupcake? After tasting my first muffin, I could tell the difference between a muffin and a cake. Muffins tend to have a more solid texture than cakes because they are made with flour and eggs, not whipped. Cupcakes are made of flour, whipped white and yolk. The porous structure formed by the whipped egg makes the taste softer.

While there is no great difference in taste, muffins are quite realistic compared to cakes, and a muffin with a cup of coffee for breakfast is very hungry

Have you tried all the best snacks? What other French snacks can’t be forgotten? Let us know in the comments section


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