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How wonderful is the treasure food shop recommended by the Korea Tourism Authority

You may come for the stars, maybe for shopping, maybe for good scenery, maybe for… No matter what you’re here for, try some of these treasure troves of food named and approved by the Korea Tourism Board, which may be more delicious than you’ve ever tasted before.


The old one

There’s nothing you can’t fix with a roast, or two.

Barbecue is a classic Korean cuisine, come to Korea to taste the authentic Korean barbecue. The restaurant, located in Seogwipo, Jeju Island, is certified by islanders, who are known for their pork production.

Black pork set

The golden ratio of fat to thin,

The meat is delicious and firm.

Black pork is a must-have combo, with a golden ratio of fat and thin. The meat is delicious and firm, plus fresh bracken, bean sprouts and Sinky, roasted in sizzling oil on a hot SLATE. It’s also super delicious, or wrapped in lettuce leaves, suocotyledon or sesame leaves, with green chili and garlic slices, juicy and refreshing without greasy, don’t mention how great!

Is located in Sungye 181-28, Seogwipo, Jeju Special Autonomous Province


General merchandise beef small intestine

The Korean style roast beef sausage, which is hot with the Korean style, is baked into the small intestine of the beef, making people mouthwatering.

This store is the perfect place to fulfill all your fantasies. The clean small intestine is put on an iron rack and roasted with coal fire, which has a unique flavor. When the small intestine is roasted to golden brown and slightly scorched, and the fat is forced to the best state, it is stained with special sauce and chewed at the mouth. The small intestine is tender and elastic, and the mouth is full of rich, crisp and tender aroma. I can’t smell anything!

Udon Noodles & Fried Rice

Add an order of udon from the boss, stir-fried with beef in a Sinchi pan, and the sauce-covered udon looks tantalizing. If you have room in your stomach, order another fried rice, and continue to stir fry it in the Sinchi pot. The juice penetrates into each grain of rice.

The store is located in Nampo-dong, Jung-gu, Busan


MOHAE Grilled Belt Fish

Don’t miss a gourmet restaurant where you can enjoy the scenery and taste the food.

Sunrise Peak Restaurant, famous for its grilled belt fish, offers a seafood feast while enjoying the view of Sunrise Peak. All kinds of fresh seafood mix and match all kinds of exquisite dishes, one after another can not stop.

Stewed hairtail

It is recommended to stew belt fish. Not only belt fish, but also octopus, crab and other seafood are braised together. The taste is fresh and fragrant.

The store is located at 267 Sunrise Road, Seongsan-eup, Seogwipo, Jeju Autonomous Province


Dotoree Kitchen

If you want to taste the special food, you must try Jeju’s special green orange soba noodles, absolutely give you a new taste buds experience.

The green and yellow citrus was finely sliced, and the seeds in the middle had been carefully removed. The flesh, soaked in the soup, was transparent and full. It was floating on the surface of the buckwheat, and a cool feeling came over it at once.

The store is located at 59 Bukseong-ro, Jeju City, Jeju Special Autonomous Province


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