American Cuisine

Can only think of fast food when talking about American food? Do you know the “six major cuisines” in America? Take a look

Talking about food in America

Can only think of hamburgers, fried chicken, French fries, Coke?

There’s actually more to American food than that

Do you know the “six major cuisines” in America?

Today I would like to introduce to you the “six major cuisines” that represent different regions of the United States.

Pacific cuisine

Pacific cuisine range, including California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii.

The coastal location gives Pacific cuisine rich seafood resources, coupled with unique climate conditions, cities along the Pacific coast have a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Therefore, Pacific cuisine is mainly based on fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood.

For food: California Roll

The California Roll was born in a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles in the 1970s. The chef uses avocado instead of sashimi, which Americans are not accustomed to eating, green melon and crab meat, and rolls seaweed to avoid chewing. This new style of sushi quickly caught on in the United States and gradually spread around the world.

Southwest cuisine

The regional range of Southwestern cuisine includes Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. These areas are along the Mexican border, so they are heavily influenced by Mexican cuisine, with a spicy, sour, refreshing, and refreshing flavor.

To represent food:

Texas Barbecue

BBQ is a major feature of American cuisine. American BBQ is divided into California, Memphis, Kansas City and Texas. Texas is especially popular. Texas is almost “barbecue everywhere. Everybody loves barbecue.” Barbecue has become a hallmark of Texas.

Cajun cuisine

Cajun refers to the legal descendants of Louisianans, and Cajun seafood is probably the most popular food in China. The dishes are unrestrained, served in a plastic bag, seafood by the pound, a touching spiciness that gives your Chinese stomach a chance to feel homesick.

For food: Cajun seafood

Cajun seafood can be divided into two main categories. One is the fried food favored by Americans. Any seafood coated with cornstarch can be fried in oil and then sandwiched in bread.

There is also a kind of magnifying all kinds of seafood and vegetables in the pot together, and then add spicy rich seasoning, pour on the table is very straightforward to eat, is we often say hand seafood.

New York cuisine

As the economic and cultural center of the United States, New York City probably has the largest convergence of cuisines in the world. From Afghanistan to Vietnam, which one

Every nook and cranny food can be found here, as well as many of the street foods of today’s popular world.

To represent food:

Reuben sandwich

The Reuben sandwich is a combination of marinated beef, rye bread, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing. It is the most controversial of all sandwiches as to who invented it. One theory is that it was invented in 1914 by Arnold Reuben, owner of Reuben’s Deli in Manhattan.

Black southern cuisine

Soul Food is not literally soul food… In fact, it refers to the style of cooking that Southern blacks call home cooking, which has a very distinct character. Although Soul Food originated from black slaves, it has become one of the national cuisines in the United States. The only downside is probably too much heat

For food: California Roll

Pulled pork is a classic dish in the American South. Over a long period of time at low temperatures, the pork becomes tender and can be easily torn apart by hand. The smoky roasting method gives the pork its distinctive flavor. Generally speaking, the most authentic way to eat pulled pork is to tuck it into a sandwich.

New England cuisine

New England cuisine includes six states, including Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. As the gathering place of the first British immigrants, the British brought the delicious food full of English characteristics to this place, and the local people made use of its rich seafood resources to make classic seafood dishes.

Represents food: crab cakes

Crab cakes are a popular food found everywhere in the United States, but they are especially delicious in New England, near the ocean. The crab meat is peeled, mixed with spices, made into cakes and fried, which is not only delicious, but also saves the trouble of peeling the shell of the crab, so it is very popular.


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