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French Food Guide – 12 cuisines that every Parisian has eaten at least once in their life

Good afternoon, friends! Have you had any good food lately? Xiaobian tasted a lot of Central European desserts these days, and finally found that French dessert is the most suitable for my appetite! Many people think that French food is an expensive meal made with expensive ingredients, but there are also many inexpensive and high-quality national food in the French restaurant industry


La baguette

First, of course, as the national food no.1 baguette!

In Paris, the best traditional baguette is in the 12th Arrondissement. Makram Akrout, baker of Les Boulangers de Reuilly, an artisanal bakery on boulevard 54 de Reuilly, won the annual award for 2021.


Le croissant

Croissants are one of the hallmarks of the French way of life. Before Pain au chocolat, it was the first dessert eaten in France.

Artisan baker Adrien Ozaneaux won the second Best Butter Croissant competition in France in 2021.



A traditional dish in a Parisian bistro: croque-monsieur! The French ham and cheese sandwiches are created in the 1900 s Grands Boulevards. The most basic recipe is two slices of toast with raw ham, cheese, and cheese, and then baked in the oven until the cheese melts, French toast for short.

For a classy croque-monsieur, try Michel Sarran’s Croq ‘Michel.


Le Baba au rhum

Le Baba au rhum is made by soaking the cone cake in a rum-flavored syrup with more than 40 proof alcohol.

Its inventor was Nicolas Stohrer, the founder of Stohrer, the oldest patisserie in Paris.


La soupe a l ‘oignon

A classic of French cuisine, onion soup is also known as “drunkard soup” because of its hangover-relieving properties.

Legend has it that the soup was invented by Louis XV, who woke up hungry in the middle of the night in his hunting lodge with only Onions, butter and champagne at his fingertips. Today, you can sample it at Au Pied de Cochon, a historic Parisian bistro


L ‘entrecote – frites

Beef ribs are served with French fries, usually with a sauce. This is a food that originated in France and Belgium, and since the two countries have long disagreed on this issue, I won’t be jumping to conclusions here

As one of the most popular French dishes, we can often see it on the street table.


Le fromage d ‘ile-de-France

The French consume an average of 24 kilograms of cheese per resident per year, making them one of the world’s biggest consumers. In Ile-de-France, cheese is known for its softness and quality.


L ‘Oeuf Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is another classic of French cuisine (warning: it’s high in calories, so eat it carefully).

Sebastien Devos, chef at La Rotisserie d’Argent in Paris, won the world mayonnaise title last November. In the capital, most people enjoy authentic mayonnaise at Bouillon Chartier for just €2.


Hachis Parmentier

It’s made with mashed potatoes and ground beef. The dish was created by apothecary Antoine-Augustin Parmentier to fight famine. Convinced that potatoes could fight hunger, he convinced King Louis XVI to try them.

For some of the finest hachis Parmentier in Paris, head to Royal Tuenne, Chez Andre or Coin du Rocher in the 8th arrondissement.


Le Macaron

Among the elements inseparable from the image of France is the macaron, one of the national desserts, with a crispy marzipan on the outside and a variety of soft fillings on the inside.

Where can I eat the best macaron in Paris? Based on my five years’ experience of eating macarons, I recommend Laduree, Angelina and Pierre Herme, which will not disappoint!


L ‘Opera

The opera house is one of the French favorite desserts. Cyriaque Gavillon, Dalloyau’s pastry chef at the time, devised the caffeine and chocolate dessert in 1955. And made it Dalloyau’s brand.

Why is it called an opera house? One of the most famous pastry shops in Paris was located near the Opera Canier



Here’s another signature French dessert: puff pastry! The traditional French puff pastry consists of three layers of pastry with two layers of cream, but jam and strawberries are sometimes used.

The recipe for puff pastry, which appeared in magazines as early as 1806 and was created by pastry chef Sergent in 1867, is still popular today.


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