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French Classics – Lyon, Marseille, Southeastern France and Mountain cuisine

Today we are going to introduce the cuisine of Lyon, Marseille, southeastern France and the mountains. Lyon, France has a long reputation as a culinary capital, known as the stomach of France. The French cuisine of Marseille is also unique, bringing together the traditions and recipes of Provence, North Africa, and other Mediterranean cultures. Love food you must not miss, quickly collect to clock.

French pike fish balls

The first time I tasted a French pike fish ball, I felt like I heard an angel sing. With the soft, fluffy texture of the fish balls and the fantastic flavour of the barracuda, tempeh is a fascinating dimension to the dish. The dry whites of chardonnay are the best companions for white meats. French donuts from the Lyon district are also a specialty. Wine pairing: Chardonnay For dessert: Donuts of Lyon

Mayonnaise fish soup is from Marseille and was once a popular soup for local fishermen, so the ingredients for this dish don’t have to be very expensive. Tomatoes and crocuses add a nice touch of color to the dish and make it look good.

Wine pairing: Rose wine Dessert: Marseille dessert

Crying lamb leg

Known as the ‘Crying Lamb leg’, it is cooked slowly on the grill of the oven, and the potatoes to accompany the lamb are baked under the grill, as the meat slowly drips down onto the potatoes and perfumes them. This roast leg of lamb is best served with a cup of Meadow-dried red. I’ll finish with chocolate puffs and vanilla ice cream.

Wine pairing: Medoc Red wine Dessert: Ice Cream Puff

Crocus poached seafood soup (also known as bouillabasse)

Everyone is familiar with the health benefits of Crocuses. Marseille’s signature dish, Crocus-cooked seafood soup, brings warmth to the city during the cold winter months, and is rich in seafood: various types of fish and shellfish. The so-called ‘lovers’ of seafood lovers. A glass of dry white or a glass of Provence peach is a perfect accompaniment to this dish. A piece of Beaumes de Venise grape cake for dessert followed the meal.

Wine pairing: Provence white or rose

Dessert: The grape cake by Beaumes de Venise

Beef liver

In Lyon, they usually use burnt Onions, but we can also use shallots. The other is marinated beef liver stir-fried with coriander and garlic. Merlot from Bordeaux complicates your dishes. Santa Ana Puffs, this miracle dessert will make your life more meaningful.

Wine pairing: Red Bordeaux lot

Dessert: Santa Ana Puffs

Creamy baked potatoes

The original Dorfinet baked potatoes have no cheese, they’re just baked in cream and milk, it’s easy to make and it’s delicious. A cup of Beaujolais’s dried red, and a homemade fruit platter with local fruits.

Wine pairing: Red wine, such as Beaujolais Nouveau For dessert: local fruit in season

Braised lamb with spring vegetables

This is a light lamb stew made with lamb, white wine and spring vegetables.

Wine pairing: white wine or Pinot Noir

Dessert: French FIG tart

Puree soup with vegetables and garlic

From Provence, it’s made with French pesto, and it’s rich and comforting.

Wine pairing: Provence red or rose for dessert: French macaron

Nice onion tower

This is a pizza-like charcuterie of southern French origin, found in the cities of Nice, Marseille and Toulon, as well as in the Var region.

Wine pairing: Rose wine

Dessert: Cream puff

Provence chowder

Provence chowder is a special dish, a mixture of various vegetables, which is very popular in Provence. If you’ve seen Ratatouille, you’re probably familiar with this dish

Wine pairing: Southern French red or rose

Dessert: Marzipan

Roasted chicken with garlic

Roast chicken with potatoes and garlic is a traditional Sunday lunch in France. You can buy it at your local produce market or cook it at home. Roasted with garlic cloves, the aroma of chicken spreads through the mouth and is mouthwatering.

Wine pairing: Red wine

Dessert: Cream cake, French classic Religieuse

Baked potato with cheese

The dish is made with potatoes from Alsace, cheese, French bacon and Onions. This is a home-cooked dish, Xiaobian in France friends have eaten, also tried to cook, really delicious oh.

Wine pairing: Savoy white wine Dessert: Rum Baba

Cheese fondue

Heat the cheese to melt in a pan and add wine and scallions to make a delicious accompaniment to the bread. After a long winter, it’s a great idea to entertain friends with this French Alpine dish. This small series is also in France friend’s home to eat, and later at home to make, feel the whole room is smelly…

What to eat: Chardonnay

Dessert: Delicious cake

Mashed potato cheese

Mashed potatoes are mixed with melted cheese and chopped green onion. This is a gourmet dish from Aubrac, ideal for snack food. The original Aligot was made of bread and cheese, with potatoes added in the 16th century. It is usually served with sausages, roast veal, lamb and pork.

Wine pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon

So that’s it for today. Next time, we’ll continue to share some of the best food in France.


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