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The staple of Singapore Cuisine – Six Must-have dishes!

As we all know, due to the unique development mode of Singapore, it is a country of multi-ethnic integration, the exchange and collision of different ethnic cultures, Singapore has created a lot of unique flavor of the Lion City, today’s assistant will introduce six of the most famous food, quick to see which one you want to choose!

1. Hainan Chicken rice

Hainanese chicken rice is one of Singapore’s most famous “national cuisines”. Despite the word “Hainanese” in its name, it seems to have been passed down from Hainanese. Some say it is because the chicken in Hainanese chicken rice uses Hainan Wenchang chicken. Others say that the dish originated in the south of the sea, so it is called “Hainanese chicken rice”.

But none of that matters. The important thing is, it really tastes good! The chicken on the surface appears to be light in color, but it actually infuses the soup with flavor, making it juicy and tender in one bite.

And the most essence is covered in the chicken under the rice, although this light yellow rice ordinary, in fact, you can smell the aroma of chicken, because every grain of rice is cooked with the delicious chicken oil, each bite is full of happiness.

Two. Chilli crab

If Hainanese chicken rice is Singapore’s national dish, chilli crab is the official “national dish”. If you have relatives or friends who are visiting Singapore for the first time, don’t forget to order chilli crab to share.

Despite the word “hot pepper” in its name, the crab is not hot at all, but rather sweet and peppery.

Crab is the choice of large green crab, crab meat is full and sweet, a bite down super satisfied. Finished crab, sweet and spicy soup also don’t waste oh, that to dip gold steamed buns (hot crab must order side dish) is the most appropriate.

Three. Bak kut Teh

“Bak kut teh” sounds a bit of a mouthful. At first, the assistant thought it was a specialty drink like tea soup, but later learned that Bak kut teh is a soup made with herbs or pepper as ingredients and pork bones.

The Bak kut teh in each shop is more or less different. Some have more medicinal materials, the soup is darker and bitter, some have more pepper, and the tongue will be numb after drinking for a long time.

Those who enjoy medicinal food must not miss it. The soft and rotten flesh bones are melted together with the fragrance of medicinal materials in this bowl of soup. If you feel that just drinking soup is not enough, you can also accompany the crispy deep-fried dough sticks as a side dish, when tired to have a bite, all the unpleasant will be swept away.

Four. Laksa

Laksa is a pasta dish originating from Malaysia, while Singapore’s Katong Laksa is modified on the original basis. The whole dish mainly highlights the umami flavor of coconut milk, the sweetness of shrimp and the spicy flavor of chili oil, which is very Southeast Asian style.

The soup head is also the biggest feature of laksa. It is a mixture of rich curry juice and rich coconut milk. The taste is sweet, salty and spicy. Seafood, such as clams and shrimp, is served with a smooth, creamy rice noodles, creating a bowl of laksa that is both colorful and flavorful.

Those who are afraid of spicy food can also try this dish bravely. In the hot summer, after eating it with friends and sweating, there will be a sense of satisfaction.

Five. Coconut rice

Nasi lemak is still a delicacy brought to Singapore from Malaysia. The main ingredients are rice and coconut milk. The Malay word for coconut rice is Nasi Lemak, Nasi is rice, Lemak is fat, which means coconut milk.

The rice gets its name from the cooking process, in which the rice is soaked in thick coconut milk and then the mixture is steamed. The steamed rice has the scent of coconut and is served with refreshing cucumber slices, crispy dried fish and Sambal gochujang, Malaysia’s special sauce.

The most exotic aspect of authentic coconut rice is that it is served with banana leaves. Besides the aroma of the food, you can also feel the unique fragrance of the plant.

Six. Curry fish head

As we all know, curry is the characteristic cuisine of India, while fish head is the favorite food of Chinese people. The collision of food culture of different ethnic groups in Singapore will integrate the two and form a delicious dish with Singapore characteristics.

Fish curry heads usually consist of grouper or red snapper heads, which are flavoured with scallions, ginger and garlic and then cooked in a rich curry sauce. The tender fish head is served with a spicy curry soup, which is spicy and sweet, and the complex fragrance of multiple spices blooms on the taste buds.

If the fish head is not enough, you can order the Indian style of crispy scones with curry. Crispy scones with rich curry are also great. Try it when you have the chance

Have you found the food you want to try? You guys have other food recommendations´╝č


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