Thai Cuisine

Not to miss the special street food!

Foodies, here comes the perks in big letters!

Special snacks that can’t be missed when visiting Thailand.

To go to Thailand, even if you plan your accommodation, transportation and attractions,

But it’s not nearly as important as eating.

Going to Thailand is no exception. Since you are in a new place, of course you have to try the local food. You will not know until you taste it, and how much local street food have you eaten?

Chocolate banana Pancake

Price about 50-60bath, according to personal taste preferences can also choose to put refined milk, taste good! Hot chocolate pancakes, sweet taste worth trying ~

Thai fish cake

A typical packet of fish cakes is about 40-50bath. The fish cakes are fried just right and tender. It is best to eat them fresh from the hot oil pan and drizzled with Thai chili sauce.

Thai shredded coconut pancake

Sweet and crispy shredded coconut pancake, see want to eat!!

Charcoal-roasted banana

Price about 15-20bath, charcoal roasted banana, are you curious about the taste? The pulp inside feels moist when you bite into it, so it doesn’t taste too dry.

Mango sticky rice

The price is about 80-100bath, although the taste is sweet, but not greasy oh.

Thai congee

The price is about 60bath, Thai people usually eat porridge for breakfast, in fact, and the horse pig mixed porridge is no difference, but you can try the Thai way, that is to add a raw cooked egg in the porridge. Duck eggs are sweet. When you eat them, stir them up and mix them into the whole bowl of porridge. They taste sweet.

Coconut cake

Priced at about 60-70bath, these coconut ice cream bars can add their own topping, and you can have a mouthful full of coconut flavor, which is very fresh!

Thai milk tea

The price is about 55bath, but the orthodox Thai milk tea with refined milk oh, have you tried it? Tired of Hong Kong-style milk tea, it’s good to try this once in a while.

Boat Noddle

How can there be such a cheap noodles as 10bath? With paprika, it’s super delicious!

Thai-style North-East sausage

A about 5-10bath, this is a classic Thai snack, originated in northeast Thailand sour sausage, is mixed with pork and glutinous rice, let him ferment and then get the charcoal roast, most people in the first time to eat the slightly sour taste may not be used to, think to eat rotten sausage, taste like horse stinky tofu, eat a few bites will let you eat addiction!

Croquettes, croquettes

A about 10-20bath, fried and baked taste believe that everyone imagine how delicious! With Thai sauce, you can’t stop bunching!

Fruit stand

About 10bath a piece, the fruit is very fresh. Use it for dinner every day and nothing else needs to be eaten! Ha ha.

Fried chicken

A piece of about 25bath, if South Korea is fried chicken with beer, then Thailand is fried chicken with rice, you will be amazed is really perfect match.

Fresh juice

A about 15-60bath, if afraid to encounter stale fruit, you can ask the scene fried oh, like what fruit pick!

Hainanese chicken rice

A about 50-60bath, Thailand’s chicken rice is mainly cooked with chicken juice into rice and sliced chicken, next to two cucumber is the most basic combination of chicken rice. Light chicken juice, chicken oil smell, like heavy flavor people can also add soy sauce oh.


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