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Besides foie gras, what other French delicacies are there?

Perhaps the most desirable European country is France. When you think of France, what comes to mind? Art, romance, or loose, disorderly. France, a European country whose land area is only Sichuan and Chongqing combined, with its long and brilliant history and culture, is famous for its artistic attainments in the world, which attracts the hearts of many countries. French wine is also a perennial favorite, and French cuisine is no. 1 among the world’s top three cuisines. Apart from the best French cuisine, what does the average French person eat? Today, we will talk about the special dishes in France. Let’s have a look. How do French people eat? French eating habits are similar to us, also three meals a day, divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner, daily eating habits are basically as follows: breakfast is usually relatively simple, generally between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m., made of croissant or ordinary bread with butter, jam and a cup of hot drinks (coffee, tea, chocolate).

Lunch between 12pm and 2pm: Like the rest of us, the French consider lunch a full meal, which can last one to two hours and include an appetizer, main course, and dessert. However, for both the student party and the working party, lunch is a quick meal, usually eating the canteen, sandwiches, panini, McDonald’s, KFC and other fast food forms, finally, with a cup of espresso to finish the lunch. The French have a relatively late dinner, usually around 8 p.m., and tend to eat later and later. So many French restaurants are closed before 7 p.m. French people like to share their life when they eat with their families, so the table is always busy. The traditional dinner is usually soup in winter, appetizer in summer, and then appetizer, main course, small cheese with baguette, and dessert at the end. What do the French eat? Friends who are familiar with the geographical location of France know that France has the largest number of neighboring countries in Europe. Influenced by the food culture of neighboring countries, French cuisine is also very variable. In addition, there are many provinces bordering the sea in France, and the dishes of the provinces bordering the sea and inland are also very different. Therefore, there are various kinds of French dishes with different tastes, which coincides with the common saying that “relying on mountains and water for food”. Normandy dishes in northwest France are mainly based on cream and dairy products, which is closely related to the local animal husbandry and famous dairy products. Local specialties include Camembert cheese, Normandy veal steak (with cream and mushroom sauce), and Ogg Valley chicken. Normandy also has a large number of delicious dishes made with apples, such as apple roast chicken, apple pie and apple brandy.

Also on the northwest coast of Brittany, although the terrain is vast, the long coastline brings the local rich seafood, there is a wide variety of seafood and shellfish, so the dishes are mostly a list of fresh dishes. Although the land is barren, it is rich in rye, and Brittany is famous for its crepes made from rye flour. Salty crepes, often called Galettes, are served with eggs, ham and cheese. Sweet crepes are usually coated with salted caramel, chocolate, or simply sprinkled with butter and sugar. Lille, in northern France, which borders Belgium, is a traditional city with beer. Burgundy is close to Nande, but its eating habits have influenced Germany. There are many dishes made with wine, such as escargot, beef stew with carrot and wine, and beef fondue. Alsace, in northeastern France, borders Germany and has a very similar taste to the Germans, with a preference for cured pork and pig intestines, potatoes and cabbage for vegetables (much like our northeastern taste, I have to say), and its most famous dish is bacon with cabbage and sausage. In addition, there are sauerkraut (cabbage cooked in white wine and local charcuterie), raisin cake and more.

Lyon is the third largest city in France, located in the east of France, this city is known as the “food capital of the world”. Lyon has nearly 2,000 restaurants and is home to Paul Bocuse, a master of French cuisine. Traditional Lyon cuisine is known for its abundance, with dishes often featuring pork, chicken and duck (especially liver) as well as the offal of various animals. Specialties include pig’s blood and offal sausages, Lyon-style fish cakes, and rose-colored almond towers. Compared to Lyon’s expensive cuisine, Provence’s food feels like plain “potluck.” Provence, in the south of France, is famous for its lavender and olive groves. The cuisine is distinctly Mediterranean, with fish, vegetables, olive oil, garlic and herbs. On the edge of Italy, locals like interviews and ketchup dishes as much as Italians do. While the region’s most famous dish is probably bouillabasse, Provence chowder, a vegetable casserole made with tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, Onions, peppers, garlic and olive oil, is also a local favorite. The heartiest of the local dishes is the Provence red wine stew, a stew of beef marinated in red wine, Onions, garlic and herbs, which is often served with pasta. In southwest France, Basque country cuisine is mostly spicy. Local dishes are often served with long, thin red Esperet peppers. The famous red pepper egg patties are filled with various ingredients such as tomatoes, Onions, peppers and garlic. In the western region, Aquitaine features foie gras, one of the “three great cuisines in the world”, Basque chicken, scrambled eggs with tomato and pepper, squid in ink and so on. In addition to the above mentioned characteristics of classic French dishes from all over the country, Xiaobian here to introduce a common French Provence home dishes: beef tomato cup, sweet and sour tomatoes filled with tender beef, bite the moment, guaranteed that you will fall in love with it!

Ingredients: 4-6 tomatoes, 200g beef, 3 garlic cloves, 1 onion, 1 egg, 1 coriander, a pinch of salt and pepper.

Practice steps: 1, cut the head of the tomato, with a knife or spoon to dig out the inside part reserved for reserve, into the tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper after the upside down for about 5 minutes. Chop the onion into small pieces and stir the beef into the filling.

2, put oil in the pot, fry the onion first, wait for the onion to become transparent, add beef to continue to fry, wait for the beef to be cooked and then add the spare tomato pulp, continue to fry until the water completely evaporates.

3. Turn off the heat, add the eggs, coriander and stuffing, stir well, put the stuffing into the tomatoes, then cover the tomato cap, preheat the oven to 200 degrees, put the tomatoes and bake for about 40 minutes after taking out.

4, with rice can be eaten, it is suggested to match the strong taste of red wine, the taste will be better. Despite its romantic aura, why is French food so popular? Are they really that good?

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