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Singapore’s national snack king, at home 10 yuan can make a big pot! Every bite is fresh!

Singapore is a “kingdom of food”. Even James, a well-informed foodie, often misses the taste of Singapore.

Every time he comes to Singapore, Mr. Zhan can’t help but eat tofu studded with tofu.

It is all over the streets of New Gabi, is the veritable “snack king”, but also let the restaurant crowded ace.

The practice of “embedding” is actually similar to the Hakka “brewing”.

Inlaid tofu is to insert fish, pork, chicken and other fillings into the tofu, animal and plant proteins infiltrate each other, perfect combination, full of umami!

The taste of the dip and the soup base is very important.

Diners can choose from light and refreshing clear soup or rich and delicious laksa soup base, or dry Lao, and finally with rice noodles or rice, is definitely a good choice with meat and vegetable!

Today’s soft, tender Singapore framed tofu is easy to make, easy to get, and easy to recreate at home.

– Singapore Beancurd –

This dish must be handled gently to keep the tofu shape intact.

Cut the tofu, insert the minced meat into the tofu, fry to set, and finally wrap with thick sauce ~

Inside the inlaid ingredients can also be replaced according to their own taste, very flexible and versatile!

James says the soul of the dish is Bream and the Hakka flavor of scallion paste that gives it its unique flavor.

Dried bream and crispy scallion crisp sauce blend with the delicious minced meat, and then hide in the delicate and tender tofu, and finally give off a fragrance in your mouth. How good is it? Look at the way Jingjing can’t stop one after another!

Garlic puree ginger puree scallion 1 small butterfly egg 1 Bream 4 minced meat Appropriate amount of scallion crisp sauce 1 bottle

Flour Appropriate plate Tofu 1 piece

[1] Prepare the ingredients 1. Solis and scallion crisp sauce are finely chopped and put into a bowl. 2. Add ginger, scallion, garlic, minced meat, egg, fish sauce, white pepper, stir well and set aside.

1. Cut the tofu into a triangle shape and open the middle. Insert the mixed minced meat into it and coat the surface of the minced meat with egg liquid; 2. Place the minced tofu in a pan of oil and fry until colored.

Coating the surface of the minced meat with egg liquid can protect the tofu from loose separation during the frying process.

1. Pour some fish sauce into cold water and scoop the fried tofu into the pot.

2. Add white pepper and shallot crisp sauce, cook for 5-10 minutes (tips: Simmer for an hour if you have time), and sprinkle with chopped scallions.

Minced meat in tofu for the first time, very novel way to eat! Two different kinds of tenderness collide to create a wonderful flavor.

The double taste of tofu and minced meat enriched the level of the dish. At the end of the bite, there was a rich flavor of flat fish and onion paste. It was a combination of delicious ingredients, and the soft and tender taste was charming and addictive

‘The most prominent flavor in this recipe is the unique aroma of the shallot sauce,’ Mr. James says. ‘But it’s too inconvenient to make it at home.’

So today I’d like to recommend a James’ favorite shallot sauce — a selection of high-quality shallots, fragrant, crispy and delicious


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