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From S $0.7, Singapore’s favorite food court delicious list, collection!

It is said that 99.9 per cent of Singaporeans live to eat, and this is evident from the hawker centres that dot the island.

With the recent introduction of Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers to all Singaporean households, there is even more reason to indulge.

There are many hawker stalls available with CDC vouchers, but which ones are the best? These 20 hawker centres recommended by local Singaporeans are not to be missed.

Central part

Sea curry fish head

Cheap, big bowls are full

This is actually a restaurant, but the fish head curry is the signature dish, and the chef has taken this ordinary dish up a notch. The delicious fish head is soaked in a rich curry broth and comes with plenty of vegetables. At $40 a serving, it’s enough for four people to share.

If you want to avoid the long lines at the stalls, the coffee shop has many other good options. You can find the famous Ginger Hokkien noodles here, as well as Japanese food stalls serving authentic salmon stew and bento sets.

Konomi Zen

Japanese meals under $6

Cheap Japanese meals are not easy to find in Singapore, so this Japanese stall at AMK Hawker Centre is doing a roaring trade, with no items on their menu costing more than S $6, including salmon bento sets!

The stall’s signature Oyako Don ($3.50), chicken Udon ($3.50) and Crispy Tendon ($5) are delicious and affordable.

Rolina traditional Hainanese curry dumplings

Recommended by Michelin Bibiden

Tapas are a favourite pastime in Singapore, and to make sure every bite is worth it, it’s a safe bet to choose a Michelin-approved snack. Rolina’s curry dumplings are handmade and come with an exclusive chili sauce.

His family only has two flavors: sardines and chicken and egg, both priced at 1.50 Singapore dollars. The owner values quality over quantity, so every curry dumpling is rich and worth a try.

Yellow submarine

The only filet cheese steak on the island

Located in a coffee shop in Bishan, Yellow Submarine is the only outlet in Singapore that serves filet cheese steak sandwiches.

His sandwiches, which start at $5, are tender beef and melted cheddar wrapped in fluffy bread, served with a rich sauce and freshly fried fries that go round and round

East & Northeast

Mizzy Corner coconut rice

It started operation in 1997

Coconut rice is one of Singapore’s favourite foods, and no one will be surprised to eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Finding the best coconut rice in Singapore can be a challenge, but you can’t go wrong with a stall that has been open for a long time.

Mizzy Corner has been in business since 1997 and now sells a variety of dishes. Those who prefer classic fare can opt for the $4.90 coconut Rice Bento set, which comes with side dishes such as fried chicken wings, fish fillets and tender beef rendang, and basmati rice.

The outlet has two branches, one in Tampines and one in Changi Village. The latter is open until 1 a.m., if you get hungry at midnight.

Top Corner Western food

Traditional chicken steak

No matter how many famous western restaurants there are in Singapore, none is more popular than the traditional Western food at the neighbourhood hawker centre.

Long a popular stall tucked away in hawker centres, Top Corner Western Food signs charcoal-grilled chicken cutlets ($6.90) with coleslaw, mashed potatoes, grilled corn and more, and a delicious sauce.

Soi Thai Kitchen

Authentic Thai food

Unfortunately, no branch of the coveted Chomp Chomp is on the list of vendors in the Northeast where CDC vouchers are available. But Soi Thai Kitchen is next door to Chomp Chomp in Serong Kong Gardens, so if you like authentic Thai food, then you should definitely try it.

Savoury dishes prepared by Thai chefs at affordable prices. At just S $6 for the classic basil chicken/pork, and S $14 for the juicy and slightly charred roast pork neck, your taste buds will be blown away.

KL Chili Plate Noodles

Super Spicy QQ noodles

An updated version of one of the most common local delicacies, the chili Banmian, can be found at Pung Goose’s KL Chili Banmian as well as several other outlets islandwide.

For just $5, you can enjoy a bowl of the delicious signature chili plate noodles, the young noodles of Q Ball, drizzled with their homemade dried chili flakes, and you get five different levels of heat. If you don’t want meatballs, minced meat and poached eggs, you can opt for other toppings like abalone and scallops.


Habib’s Rojak

Production starts at 2 a.m. every day

For many, raja is the most satisfying food for the stomach, the rich taste of churros dipped in sweet and spicy peanut butter. It may seem simple, but at Habib’s Rojak, it is also a dish taken seriously, with the owners starting at 2am each day, preparing the batter and buying fresh ingredients from nearby Shibasa.

Prices vary, but the most popular items are crispy shrimp churros ($2) and coconut churros ($0.7). You can even eat special Roja ingredients like beef lung ($2), liver ($3) and pickled squid ($4). And best of all, the addictive sauce is free!

Sin Chew Satay Rice Noodles

Sixty-five years old

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, and one of the most representative cuisines is satay rice noodles. As one of the oldest restaurants on the list, Sin Chew Satay Rice Noodles is a pioneer in this unique cuisine.

His home is located in the bustling Bukit Timah Papasal and hawker centre, one of the most popular stalls there. The secret to their success is the gravy, which is made up of more than 10 ingredients, including clams, cuttlefish, sliced pork and prawns, and is priced realistically.

Paradise Indian curry

Authentic South Indian breakfast

For those living in the west, Kam Mau Cooked Food Centre is a great place to enjoy a hearty breakfast. Be prepared to stand in long lines on a lazy weekend morning if you want an Indian curry in heaven.

His signature dishes include the crispy Masala Thosai ($2.50), filled with spicy Masala potato filling, and the Princess Appam ($3), a UFO-shaped pancake made with oil, eggs and melted cheese. Be sure to pair it with their homemade tomato chutney, which is delicious.

Sikkander’s Briyani

Fried Chicken Biryani only $3.50

Briyani is a dish once enjoyed by Indian royalty, fluffy rice served with a variety of rich meats to choose from. Briyani usually costs around S $5, but at Sikkander’s Briyani in Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, you can get a plate full of fried chicken for just $3.50!

Unlike other restaurants, Sikkander’s biryani has a whole chicken leg with a crispy skin and a mouthful of delicious rice. For the same price, you can also get a pickles and a bowl of curry, and lamb Briyani for just S $4.




Hideki is a combination of paella and Japanese cuisine. It mixes the rice with grilled salmon, sliced pork belly, and eel, and makes a nutritious meal with soft hot spring eggs and fried corn. Best of all, although his food looks and tastes great, the prices remain hawker centre level.

Those who don’t like rice can also choose buckwheat noodles or salad base, which is very suitable for people who are losing weight.

Bismi Biryani

An affordable oversized biryani platter

If you like Briyani with your friends or family, then Bismi Biryani is the best choice for you. They specialize in huge biryani platters that, in addition to being filling, are a feast for the eyes. A biryani platter with four different types of marinated lamb and chicken costs just S $30, enough to feed four people.

They also have unique sauces that enhance the palate, including a rich tomato chili sauce, green chili sauce and a light vanilla sauce.

Tomiichi traditional fried waxed Wonton noodles

Pilaf and noodles are perfect

A hawker delicacy with a variety of styles to choose from, Tomiichi’s Wonton noodles are made with a sweet and salty sauce that is not too dry and the taste of the meat is not obscured by the seasoning. They have both chewy yellow noodles and smooth egg noodles.

Meat is the star of his family, juicy chunks of barbecued pork, alternating between fat and thin, with just the right flavor.

Ah Tan Wings

Crispy Chicken Rice platter with shrimp Sauce

Sometimes you want both a crispy, tasty chicken wing and a main course.

Ah Tan Wings at Yishun Park Hawker Centre has a hearty platter for you, including savory fried chicken with shrimp paste, salted rice, fried eggs and special chilli.


Hakka Raju tea

Vegan with tea soup

Have you ever tried Lei Cha? Don’t be put off by the green tea soup in the bowl. It’s simply a gourmet dish of vegetables, nuts and herbs grated to extract their flavor and aroma without artificial coloring.

The tea bowl contains crunchy peanuts, chopped vegetables, including long beans and leafy greens, and baby fish. If you want to be a vegetarian, please choose not to eat small fish.

Minnan scramble to stall spareribs and shrimp noodles

Super rich ingredients

In the drizzling weather, a bowl of hot noodle soup warms the stomach and the heart. Such is the magic of Hokkien Snatch Stall Prawn Noodles, where they boil all the flavour essence of fresh prawns and tender ribs into a broth that is delicious and can be enjoyed on its own.

They also have a very popular dry noodle version, which is perfect for those who like the texture of noodles, so be sure to try it.

Tak Po Road Shin Shin Mei Claypot Laksa

The famous thick soup laksa

Among Singapore’s famous laksa stalls, Teck Road True, Good and Beautiful Claypot Laksa stands out with its unique flavour. His laksa soup is more like a concentrated gravy, with rich ingredients simmering in a clay pot.

In addition to better keeping laksa warm, clay Pot rice is said to increase the umami flavor. Common side dishes such as clams, fish cakes, beans and shredded chicken have been transformed into unusual flavors.

Q Fish balls and crispy pork fat scraps

The eatery, which was originally located in the famous Margaret Road food hub, already has a loyal following there, and has even had fans travel long distances to eat it after moving to its new location.

There are the noodles of the bullet, the handmade fish balls of the Q bullet and the crispy pork fat, and everything works just right.


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