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The most Nanyang style street food – Singapore popular food recommendation

As a qualified foodie, every time you go to a strange place, you must have a card with the local food. Compared with the gorgeous high-end restaurants, street food can arouse your passion appetite, and often can represent the local characteristics.

For food lovers, Singapore is definitely the City of Angels. Especially when it comes to street food: good, cheap and lively.

You really haven’t been to Singapore unless you try some street food. This city is famous for its food, and there are so many snacks that you will be dazzled.


Hainanese chicken rice

Hainanese chicken rice, known as Singapore’s national meal, originally originated in Wenchang City, Hainan Province, and is commonly known as “Wenchang Chicken Rice”, which was brought by early Chinese Hainanese immigrants.

The tender chicken is served with fragrant rice and dipped in the store’s special chili sauce, ginger paste and black soy sauce. Bite down, the chicken skin is smooth, chicken tender, chewing up a springy tooth taste, not wood, not greasy, and dipped in some chicken rice pepper, is really endless aftertaste.


Bak kut teh

Bak kut teh, which is a health soup invented by coolies in early Nanyang. It originated in the Port Klang area of Malaysia, but has flourished in Singapore. Speaking of bak kut teh, this is a type of diet that combines bone and meat with tea. After eating bone soup, drink tea to nourish and soothe. The traditional way to eat bak kut teh is to dip the churros into the soup until they are tender and seasoned. Bite down in the mouth spatter a packet of soup, quite delicious!


Chilli crab

In Singapore, all kinds of seafood are common on the dinner table, and one of the most famous is chilli crab. The fresh crab meat is tender and the signature sauce is spicy and slightly sweet. Singaporeans are proud of the “national dish”.

At the same time, black pepper crab is also very famous in Singapore, it is worth trying!


Laksa Laksa

Laksa has a lot of different kinds, different ethnic groups and places for laksa practice and taste also have great differences, sour, sweet, salty, spicy, fresh, these 5 flavors blend together what is the feeling?

It sounds like a dark dish, but it’s just so good you can’t stop eating it. It is laksa noodles, the most iconic dish in Singapore and Malaysia. It may be the most complex noodle in the world, but its taste has conquered the world.


Fried Kway Teow (Noodles/Vermicelli)

Originally a snack of the Teochew people, fried kway Teow flourished in Sing Ma in the 19th century and became a delicacy in Malaysia and Singapore, where it is now one of the most common snacks. Heat up the pot with lard, add seafood, meat, vegetables and kway teow, drizzle in the kway teow juice and stir fry together, a quick hand fried kway teow is good. Sweet, salty, savory and slightly spicy, although it may not look like much, this rich and rich type of fried Kway teow is quite delicious.


Gruel with chicken in sprouts

The authentic Singapore field chicken porridge is to field chicken and white rice porridge separately cooked, field chicken by special secret system, the taste is rich enough, white porridge is also a great way, need a special person to watch the fire. And then I’m going to add the chicken to the porridge. This is the best way to eat chicken porridge.


Prawn noodles

Shrimp noodles are also a common food on street corners in Singapore. They are very common and consist almost of variations and combinations of noodles, shrimp, meat, ribs and soup.


Clay (tile) claypot rice

The magic of claypot rice is that after eating it, the whole claypot is still hot. Its home rice grain clear, eat a bite without much feeling, eat a few more chewing more fragrant. Claypot rice is ready to order and usually takes 10-15 minutes if there is no queue. Each clay pot has the aroma of the crust.


Coconut rice

A beloved Singaporean dish, the rice is infused with coconut milk and pandan leaves, then served with fried chicken wings, grilled fish breast, fried anchovies, peanuts, eggs, cucumber and gochujang sauce.


Coffee toast

Coffee toast is a popular breakfast snack in Singapore and is sold in almost all coffee shops. Order a cup of Nanyang coffee, a bowl of soft-boiled eggs, and a newspaper, is the most authentic Nanyang flavor. There is so much to eat in Singapore, from the hawkers in the firework bazaar to the lofty Michelin restaurants, and all of them are worthy of praise.


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