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Top 10 must-eat foods in Korea

Every time you watch Korean TV programs, there are always a lot of mouthwatering food, such as golden fried chicken, chuffling Korean barbecue, and melting samgyetang, so today I would like to introduce you to the top 10 must-eat Korean food, if you have the chance to taste oh.

1. Handing Food

Handing food is originated from the imperial cuisine of the Joseon Dynasty, with various dishes filling the whole table. Besides the main course, there are countless kinds of small dishes, which are cooked by steaming, boiling, baking, frying, etc., making the dishes extremely rich. From appetizers to main courses, and finally desserts, although each of the same portions are small, but eat all of them, but will make you full to say no more!

2. Bibimbap in stone pot

It’s a traditional Korean food. In fact, in South Korea, there are shops selling bibimbap everywhere, with a stone pot filled with hot rice, on top of all kinds of wild vegetables and bright red chili sauce, and put a raw egg yolk, the whole let the human water fast flow down! In addition if you dare to eat raw beef, you can try the famous raw beef bibimbap, pickled raw beef mix in rice, actually do not have a taste.

3. Samgyetang

People who have a certain understanding of Korea know that Koreans like to eat ginseng chicken soup in summer. Koreans believe that treating heat with heat is the best for the health, so they will eat ginseng chicken tonic in summer or the dog days of summer. The reason why it tastes good is that it is made of young chicken, so the meat will melt in your mouth rather than harden after boiling. Besides, the chicken is stuffed with ginseng, glutinous rice, chestnuts and other ingredients, which adds more flavor to the chicken soup.

4. Korean jjajang Myeon

For Koreans, jjajangmyeon is a Chinese dish, often eaten at the same time as sweet and sour meat. It is flavored with sweet sauce, so the salty taste is also sweet, and the noodles are very Q, not the same as the ordinary Chinese jjajangmyeon noodles, but also attached to solve the greasy yellow radish and pickled onion.

5. Korean barbecue

Korean bulgogi is beef or pork into the sauce, honey, green onion, garlic, sesame, salt, pepper and other seasoning made of soaking into the roast after cooking, in Korea to eat bulgogi, entry as the custom is to take a piece of lettuce, put a puff puff puff bulgogi, then put garlic, add a little chili sauce, and then a mouthful into the mouth, but great satisfaction!

6. Cold noodles

Cold noodles can be divided into two types: cold noodles with dry mix and cold noodles with water. Cold noodles with dry mix are similar to cold noodles we usually eat, but the sauce used for seasoning is red chili sauce. As for water-cooled noodles, it is the taste of soup noodles, but especially in the soup is cold, some shops will even add a little crushed ice in the soup, usually noodles are the use of buckwheat noodles, the bite is strong!

7. Military hot pot

The reason is that there was not enough food and materials before, and there was no fresh meat to eat. Therefore, the common luncheon meat, sausage and ham in the army were added to other ingredients to make what is now known as the army pot. Simply called Korean hot pot, the common ingredients in the pot are kimchi, rice cake, instant noodles, eggs, ham, cheese slices… And other ingredients, coupled with chili sauce to make a spicy rich soup.

8. Kimchi

Kimchi is an essential part of the Korean dinner table. Kimchi has become a popular diet not only in Korea but also in many other countries. The most familiar kimchi is the spicy cabbage made with chili peppers, but there are dozens of different kinds of kimchi. Other dishes include kimchi soup made with kimchi, kimchi cake, and kimchi fried rice. Kimchi is just a side dish in addition to the main course, not eaten alone. It is usually eaten with rice or cooked with kimchi and other ingredients.

9. Korean fried chicken

In addition to authentic Korean food such as bulgogi, crab in sauce, seafood, bibimbap, and Handing food, it is hard to miss fried chicken, which is often seen in Korean dramas. The skin is crispy and the meat is full of juice, delicious, crispy golden fried chicken, one bite is addictive. Popular brands of fried chicken in Korea now include BHC Fried Chicken, School Village Fried Chicken, BBQ Fried Chicken, NeNe Fried Chicken and Giant Fried Chicken.

10. Spicy Fried Rice cake

Spicy fried rice cake is a popular snack for Koreans similar to Western pastries. With rice as the main raw material, sweet and delicious rice cakes made of various materials have different tastes. It is a pleasure to eat them in more than 100 kinds. In the past, rice cake was an essential food for banquets, birthdays, sacrifices and other days. If you travel to South Korea, try some of these delicious Korean dishes.


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