Korean Cuisine

All the most popular foods in Korea are mouth-watering. How many have you tried?

With the Korean tide entering the world, Korean food culture is also popular in the world, rice is their staple food, they like to eat all kinds of soup and so on, but in different cultures, there must be differences in eating habits.

The delicacy and convenience of Korean food are deeply rooted in the hearts of the Korean people. The Korean people also have a great study on food, and try their best to carry forward the food culture with their experience. Today, let’s take stock of the most popular delicious dishes in China and Korea.

The first food should be the spicy fried rice cake.

Fried rice cakes, which can be found on the streets of South Korea, are not only popular but also delicious. Article soft delicious dishes of rice cakes with modulation good chili sauce, red appearance looks delicious, just have the appetite, hot aroma is sucked into the nose, mouth is filled with the aroma from the hot Fried rice cake, the cold night also become happy.

The second kind of food is kimchi.

Synonymous with South Korea, kimchi is found on every table, and it is crunchy after being marinated in layers of red chili sauce for hours.

Spicy kimchi has become a national favorite in many countries, not just in South Korea, where people are concerned about healthy eating. Kimchi is usually a spicy cabbage made with chili peppers, but there are dozens of different kinds of kimchi. In addition, Koreans like to use kimchi to make delicious kimchi soup, kimchi fried rice and many other delicious dishes.

The third dish is Korean cold noodle.

Koreans love to eat noodles, whether it is instant noodles, Turkey noodles, jjajang noodles, or all kinds of noodles, they will eat the world delicious happy expression. Korean cold noodles is in wheat flour mixed with a small amount of green powder which made spaghetti, later on to cover some thin skin, cucumber, tomato, Fried egg cake as a foil, and other vegetables, cold noodle soup is the pieces of beef after boiling broth of catch cold catch cold water for a long time on the grim and other ingredients.

In addition to water-cooled myeon, there is a typical type of Korean cold myeon, which is a spicy mix of gochujang and other ingredients that is popular among young people. When the noodles are mixed with a secret sauce and the broth inside the noodles is changed into radish and kimchi soup, the noodles become radish and kimchi. People used to like to eat a bowl of cold noodles in winter, now mainly in summer, both to relieve the heat and delicious.

The fourth dish is bibimbap.

Koreans love rice as much as the rest of the world. You can find instant rice in convenience stores. Bibimbap is the most representative staple food in Korea. The practice is also very simple, is in the white rice mixed with cooked meat, a variety of shredded vegetables arranged, and hot sauce and other seasoning sauces mixed together to eat. Not only delicious, added the body nutrition, and make easy is simple, convenient and was rated as the best food on the plane of the masses.

The fifth dish is grilled pork belly.

South Koreans are crazy about their love of pork belly. In Korea, roast pork must be made from the belly of a pig with the meat and fat overlapping three times. As the world’s largest pork belly consumption country, the consumption of pork belly has reached the point that domestic demand often exceeds supply and must be imported from overseas in large quantities.

The most popular type of Korean meat dish, grilled pork belly, is raw meat that is crispy on a special iron plate and then served wrapped in lettuce. Soju and pork always go well together. In winter, it is very happy to have a meal of grilled pork with soju with friends.

The sixth delicacy is roast meat.

When eating bulgogi in Korea, it is necessary to prepare a dish of delicious sauces. Slices of beef or pork are soaked in sauces made of soy sauce, honey, salt, pepper, onion, ginger and garlic for a period of time. Delicious and appetising, it is one of the most popular Korean meat dishes for children. Barbecues are easy to prepare, you can bake anything and they’re easy to make at home.

Do you know any other mouth-watering food in Korea? Welcome to comment and discuss.


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