Korean Cuisine

Foodie Chapter – Korean food map is here

For those of you who love Korean dramas and Korean variety shows

You must know something about Korean food

The Gwangjang Market in central Seoul

When is the carry of Korean food industry

Is a one hundred – year – old famous food court

The snacks here is very rich

It has Korean characteristics

Let’s take a look at South Korea’s traditional food culture!

Rice with seaweed

Korean everyday dishes, sweet and sour pickled radish, refreshing vegetables, salty ham, savory chewy rice, seaweed rolled into a mini bun.

Fried rice cake

Fried rice cake is the most popular street food in Korean dramas. Fried rice cake is made of chili sauce, sugar, green onion and water. It is not greasy and greasy. It tastes hot and sweet and very delicious. Especially the inside of the Fried rice cakes fish cake, taste more delicious.

Spicy chicken feet

Elastic spicy chicken feet, collagen feast ~

Fish cake

Winter fish cake string but street popular king, eat a few strings, drink a bowl of soup is the most warm.

Crucian carp cake

This is another representative street food in South Korea, because of the shape of crucian carp, so named. Crispy and delicious, sweet, soft waxy.

Rice sausage

This is the South Korea is a traditional snack, don’t be alarmed by his appearance oh, taste is beyond imagination really nice!


Two slices of toast are baked and sandwiched with vegetables, eggs, ham, cutlets and so on. Very convenient food, often seen students and office workers eat it for breakfast ~

Roast pork belly

Looking at the rows of pork belly, still bared with oil, swallowing is the basic operation. This is Korean street food, students who go to Korea can go to taste oh!

Pig’s feet

In Korean dramas are often cut feet into a big bowl, add in chili dishes, looks very attractive, still have to try yourself.

Fried chicken

Fried chicken and beer has become a label in South Korea. After the popularity of the Korean drama “My Love from the Stars”, viewers will remember to eat fried chicken and beer when the first snow falls


“Kimchi” how can there be pickled food, South Korea in addition to hot cabbage there are N kinds of kimchi.

Army pot

Forces pot is a kind of hot pot, South Korea is the result of the Korean war. Due to shortages, residents near the U.S. military base in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi Province, are making hot pot based on sausage and luncheon meat collected from nearby U.S. military camps.


Korean bibimbap, rice, meat, eggs, bean sprouts, mushrooms and all kinds of wild vegetables spread together, then dig a scoop of bibimbap sauce, stir ~

Cheese pizza

There are plenty of cheese-filled snacks in Korea, which can be overwhelming for cheese lovers

Korean food can not be all at once, overflowing with meat aroma.

To sum up, South Korea is really the best choice for travel and learning!

Those who are interested can go to Korea and experience it for themselves

Known as the home of good food!


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