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Canadian Food Tour: You can’t go to Canada without these traditional delicacies

Canada is a country with developed tourism, if you go to the local travel, in addition to the beautiful natural scenery, also must taste the Canadian food oh!

Today we are going to talk about the list of food in Canada.

Gravy and cheese fries

Originating in the province of Quebec, pate and cheese fries are an iconic Canadian food. According to a survey by the Globe and Mail, one of Canada’s most influential newspapers, 51 percent of Canadians believe pate is the country’s national dish.

There are many ways to make pate fries. The most common way is to bake a potato in the oven by slicing it into thick strips, then adding the cheese and gravy to it, and then cooking it in chicken or beef broth. It can be used as a staple food or as a snack.

Apple pie

Apple pie is very popular both in Canada and in the United States (especially in the states bordering Canada). Canadians are crazy about apple pie. Apple pie, for example, is used to describe something, someone or something that is very Canadian.

Apple pies are filled with fresh apples and topped with butter, powdered sugar or maple syrup.

Butter egg tart

Butter custard tarts originated in eastern Canada, so if you love pastries or muffins, you might like them.

This sweet and sour tart is made with butter, lard, maple syrup, walnuts, raisins, sultanas and brown sugar. If you go to Canada, you can’t miss it.

Lobster roll

Lobster roll is a food from England that has become the most popular fast food in Canada.

The lobster roll is a hot dog-style bun filled with chewy lobster meat and topped with rich mayonnaise, pepper and fresh spices. The bun also smells of butter and dill leaves. If you feel hungry between meals, you can use it to fill your stomach.

Mince pie

These mince pies are found in Canada and France and are now commonly served on Christmas tables in Canada. It is especially popular with Quebecers, who consider mince pies to represent their local cuisine.

There is no standard filling for mince pies, and different restaurants may have different filling choices. Common examples include salmon, minced beef or pork. You can try something different and add applesauce for a delicious taste.

Yellow pea soup

You’ll find that Canadian cuisine is heavily influenced by Quebecers. And yellow pea soup is typical of typical. This soup was brought over by the French and has been modified to give it a distinctly Canadian flavor.

Canadians use yellow peas and cook them with ham bones, chicken stock, herbs and seasonings. Once cooked, they took out the bones and shaved off any meat that remained on them before adding the meat back to the soup.


In the 1970s, Turkish kebab was introduced to Canada, where Canadians adapted the recipe to create their own kebabs.

They added local spices to the kebabs and invented a special sauce made of milk, vinegar, salt and spices for the kebabs.

Bacon in Monterier is beef brisket, which is cleaned, marinated for a few days, then brushed with different spices and left for a few days. Finally, it’s smoked in the oven, which takes about overnight, to allow the flavors to infuse the meat. The smoked brisket needs to be steamed again to tenderize the meat. Slice the meat thinly and eat it between two slices of bread. By the way, it’s more authentic with mustard.

It will take you about eight days to get your bacon sandwich, but it will be worth the wait

Oca cheese

Oka cheese is also known as “Canada’s best cheese”. The cheese was made in the 18th century by Trappist monks in the village of Oka, hence the name.

Occa cheese is made from milk and has a distinctly Canadian flavor. The semi-soft cheese takes about three months to mature. This is a great food to bring back as a souvenir


Real Canadians tend to start their day with Clayton and toast. Clayton is a cold breakfast meat. Traditional Creighton is made with high-fat pork, and the fat makes it easier to spread.

Boil the minced pork, onion and spices in milk until tender, and add some bacon fat to brighten it up. Finally, add the bread crumbs.


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