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Eight local specialties not to be missed on your Canadian Food Tour!

Whether it is natural scenery, or the bustling city, in Canada this vibrant land, everywhere is beautiful, beautiful scenery and food never separate, today Xiaobian to focus on and you talk about the most can’t miss to travel to Canada food! After all, eating and drinking is always a priority!

8 Native foods Canada can’t miss

1: Montreal Bacon

First up, Montreal Smoked Meat — which is thought to be smoked using kosher cooked beef smoked with Canadian grain-fed beef brisket — is smoked in Montreal. Pay attention to thin and thick 3 mm hand slice, usually sandwiched to eat.

Montreal Bacon originated with Jews from Eastern Europe who settled in Quebec in the late 19th century. One of the most famous bacon sandwiches in the area is Schwartz’s, while Caplansky’s Deli in Toronto serves a similar Montreal version.

2: Potato sticks with cheese and gravy

Don’t miss out if you love French fries! A classic snack that originated in Quebec in the 1850s. It’s a special Canadian way of eating French fries. The French fries are topped with cheese curd and finished with a rich gravy. Sometimes ham, sausage or salmon are added, and now even McDonald’s sells Poutine, which is very popular in the area.

3: Jerky

It’s kind of like the familiar beef jerky, but Pemmican jerky is a combination of bison or moose jerky. It’s very nutritious and high in protein. Used as food for Arctic explorers. It was first invented and made by Aboriginal people in Canada. It’s a popular snack for Canadians! Good faith must travel Yo ~

4: Maple sugar

Maple syrup can be said to be the first known Canadian specialty! Usually served with pancakes, waffles, bacon, etc. 75-80% of the world’s maple sugar is produced in Quebec. And Maple Syrup Festival is also celebrated in Canada. Maple Syrup is also a popular gift for many friends to send to their relatives and friends back home.

5: Grandma temple

Dessert lovers must try this. Originating in Nanaimo, British Columbia’s westernmost Vancouver Island, Nanaimo Bars are one of Canada’s legendary non-baked treats. It’s made with whole wheat crackers, shredded coconut, walnuts, vanilla pudding and chocolate, but North American sweets tend to be sweet, so don’t be greedy.

6: British Salmon

In addition to beef, seafood in Canada is also quite delicious. British Columbia salmon, its color and taste are very different from the traditional Pacific salmon. It is produced in British Columbia on the west coast of Canada. British Columbia Salmon is delicious raw!

7: Pickled meat with peas

Peameal Bacon, an iconic Toronto delicacy, is made with slowly marinated tenderloin wrapped in pea flour and roasted. Usually served on a bun with mayonnaise, sliced tomato and lettuce.

The Carousel Bakery at St. Lawrence Market on a Saturday morning in Toronto makes Peameal Bacon fresh from the oven! Be sure to go

8: Beaver tail

It is a Canadian fried pasta dish named for its resemblance to the tail of a beaver. US President Barack Obama is also a fan of the dish. He tried the Beaver Tails on a visit to Canada and raved about it. They are usually served with chocolate, fruit and other flavorings.


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