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Feel the passion of South America! The most authentic Mexican restaurant in Dubai?

When it comes to eating Western food, people may patronize French, Italian and German restaurants more than they know about Mexican food. However, in the eyes of the world’s leading gourmets, Mexican cuisine is one of the world’s five major cuisines, along with French, Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisine.

However, in Dubai, an international metropolis, you can find everything naturally. After a friend’s recommendation, I found the most authentic traditional Mexican restaurant in Dubai.


The passion of Latin cuisine

The word “Tortuga” means “turtle” in Spanish and symbolizes vitality, as does the passion of Latin cuisine.

The restaurant is located on the riverside in the luxury Jumeirah Palace Resort.

The river is shimmering and the doorway is lush, as if you were in the alley of a Spanish convent.

The restaurant is facing the unbridled atmosphere of Mexico, the passionate red is the overall base, the details of Indian style are everywhere, the stained glass of the stall is also the symbol of Mexican culture, listening to the folk music of swinging crotches, turn your head and see the dirty braids of the bar guy, let a person in North America.

The environment is the first step to open the taste buds, but it is the incredible taste of nodding at the mouth that finally conquers us.


Guacamole/tortilla chips/pancakes/sour soup

According to the chef, most people in Mexico have avocado trees in front of their doors, which can be eaten by shaking them off. This also forms one of the characteristics of Mexican cuisine, which contains a lot of avocado. It can be used as a salad, or can be used as a sauce to stick pancakes or nachos.

This is a traditional Mexican hors d ‘oire — avocado salsa with tortilla chips, pureed with a stone hammer, diced tomato, diced onion, a dash of Coriander minced, mixed with half a lime juice and a dash of salt. It’s spicy, fruity and refreshing, crisp with tortilla chips.

A lightly charred flatbread baked on both sides, covered with a sauce of black bean and rice mashed into a paste and cheese, topped with grilled shrimp, chopped tomatoes and coriander. Mexican shrimp crepes with black rice cheese, like pizza can be more delicate and rich, not feel too greasy.

Unlike the traditional hot soups we love, the chilled Mexican seafood chowder is kept cold by ice cubes placed under the plate. Paired with hundreds of corn chips, unique cool acid, so that the tip of the tongue will instantly wake up.

Main course

Chicken Taco/ Beef Fajitas

How can you eat Mexican food less [Taco]? Taco crust is usually crispy or soft. The crust is usually served with fried tortillas, chicken, beef, shrimp, chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cheese and Onions, etc.

We chose the soft skin with the chicken, which makes it more tender.

[Fajitas], the editor’s choice of the day, is the only Mexican restaurant in Dubai where the beef is seared medium-rare on a plate and placed on top of sauteed peppers and Onions, while other Mexican restaurants mix it together so that the beef is thicker and the vegetables lose their sweetness.

Succulent strips of tender beef with ripe pickled peppers and Onions, with sour cream, chopped tomatoes, guacamole, bite into the mouth.

Only one of its kind in Dubai is this ancient Mexican way of cooking fish, which is lightly dried, coated with traditional red and green salsa, and then braised in the oven.

When you open the fish, the liquid will flow out. The meat is tender and smooth. The green part is fresh and sweet, while the red part is tangy and spicy.

Although roast chicken is ordinary, the same dish tastes very different in different regions, the chef specially emphasized that it is made of ancient Mexican paint, a little sweet, the meat is tender and slightly chewy.


Three Milk Cake/Spanish Cinnamon Churros

[Pastel de Tres leches] is a Spanish word which means “three milk cake” in English and translated into Chinese as “three milk cake”. Very popular in Latin American countries, the cake base is usually sponge cake or heavy oil cake, soaked in three kinds of milk mixture: Evaporated milk, condensed milk and cream or whole milk.

In a twist, the restaurant melts blueberry, raspberry and lemon ice cream into a sponge cake for a sour, sweet taste.

[Churros], Spanish cinnamon churros coated with cinnamon brown sugar, are traditionally eaten in a thick chocolate sauce. A bite of crisp outside soft inside, inside still steaming, dopamine rush of pleasure, aftertaste endless.

Overall, Tortuga is quite good in both food and environment, and as one of the more rare Mexican dishes, it’s nice to give yourself a taste once in a while. In particular, the restaurant environment is excellent, in a weekend leisure time, about a partner to open the belly, feel the enthusiasm of South American cuisine, the mood will be happy!

Tortuga Mexican Restaurant

Per capita consumption: 120-220 dirhams

Address: Jumeirah Mina A’Salam,Madinat Jumeirah, Jumeira Road, Umm Suqeim 3-Dubai


For reservations, call 04 432 3232

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