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Seattle Food — Agua Verde Cafe is the best Mexican food in Seattle.

Agua Verde Cafe

Want to enjoy an authentic Mexican-style meal? Try Agua Verde Cafe, where you can enjoy stunning Mexican cuisine while enjoying stunning views of Seattle’s waterfront. You can also rent a kayak to take you out to sea after dinner for a rare moment of relaxation.

Agua Verde Cafe takes its name from a beautiful bay in the Sea of Cortez. This is a beachfront restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine, where every dish is freshly cooked and many of the menus are original recipes. Those who love Mexican food should not miss it.

Restaurant environment

Agua Verde Cafe

When you enter Agua Verde Cafe, the first thing that catches your attention is the interior decoration. The main color of Agua Verde Cafe is ocean blue, with dazzling color painting, red and yellow glass chandeliers, and the large wine cabinet filled with all kinds of cocktails…

Agua Verde Cafe

Agua Verde Cafe is built near the water. All the walls around it have been removed by the owner. The view is very good and you can enjoy the scenery of the water at will.

Agua Verde Marina Cantina

Agua Verde Marina Cantina on the water’s edge east of the cafe, this unique space is equipped with food trucks and an outdoor bar. Note that it is only open from May to September.

Restaurant cuisine

Agua Verde Cafe

Mexican food, together with Italy, India and France, is known as the world’s five major cuisines. It has a strong taste and colorful taste of Latin food, the color of tropical rain forest and the fragrance of primitive forest. Agua Verde Cafe offers a mix of traditional Mexican dishes and original Seattle-inspired dishes, making it an unforgettable experience.

Tinga Burrito

Agua Verde Cafe can’t miss its famous Burrito. Two of its most popular versions are Tinga Burrito chicken burrito, filled with chicken and home-made sauce and topped with red and green tomato salsa, which is sweet and sour.

Birria Burrito

Then there’s Birria Burrito, beef, cheese and sauce wrapped in a burrito, drizzled with sour cream and sprinkled with cilantro and Onions, which gives it a unique flavor with rice and beans.

Baby Octopus And Chorizo Tacos

Xiaobian loves his octopus tacos. Baby octopus and sausage are paired with squid ink cakes topped with onion pickles. The taste is so good that Xiaobian can kill one in one bite.


Roast and butternut squash with thyme and cheese, served with sour cream, lettuce and watermelon radish… This pumpkin empanada is well worth a try!

I strongly suggest you don’t miss the paella! There are two flavors to choose from, meat lovers can choose meat paella: roast beef tenderloin, chicken leg, pork, shrimp, pickled red pepper paella rice with rich aioli; Opt for a vegetarian paella: a paella garnished with local wild mushrooms, kale, roasted corn, pickled red peppers and shallots, and finished with a rich aioli and fried pesto leaves.

Picarita Salad

This salad is quite rich. Romaine lettuce, roasted corn, chili, red bell pepper, avocado, cumin, black beans, lime and cilantro sauce, and finally tortilla strips on top.

Baja Burrito

Baja Burrito is an Agua Verde Cafe original. It’s mainly panko breaded cod, red cabbage, chili sauce, avocado with mayonnaise. And of course, of course, there’s homemade tortillas.


If you’re a vegetarian, try Tlacoyo, a homemade corn Masa Boat served with cheese, black beans, broad bean sauce and topped with radish slices for a refreshing finish.

Agua Verde Cafe is best known for its cocktails, which are unique, refreshing and charming, and you’d be sorry if you didn’t try them.

Of course, in Agua Verde Cafe, you can also enjoy coffee, cappuccino and other drinks


1303 NE Boat Street,

Seattle Washington 98105


(206) 545 — 8570


Restaurant business hours

The restaurant is open every day!

Sunday to Thursday: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m

Friday and Saturday: 11 a.m.-10 p.m

Pls: Reservations are not accepted


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