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One hundred years of Japanese soy sauce legend! Japanese food delicious fresh fragrance secret treasure not passed on

I believe that many friends like delicate and delicious Japanese food, whether it is authentic and senior Michelin Kaiseki, or street ramen skewers, which attract food lovers from all over the world, then what is the ultimate secret of Japanese food?

You can taste the charm of Japanese soy sauce. As described in the recent hit TV series “The Lonely Gourmet” : “For Japanese, soy sauce is a comfort. It is the origin of delicious food.”

Some of Japan’s top soy sauce for advanced catering is more artificial manufacturing, so commonly used high salt dilute fermentation technology, fermentation time must reach at least 3 months, the process is more complex, plus Japan’s local groundwater source is very sweet, so there are good water and more complex soy sauce brewing technology. Therefore, Japanese soy sauce can better reflect the complex aroma of soy sauce itself, which is very sweet and delicious. It can not only be used as a condiment in cooking, but also a finishing touch for countless ingredients.

Therefore, Japanese soy sauce is not only in Japan, but also many Michelin-starred chefs in Europe. But there are more than 300 brands of Japanese soy sauce, and the quality is even more variable. This is not, today our new sumin to bring you not ordinary Japanese soy sauce, but a very niche high-grade Japanese “secret soy sauce”. What’s so special about him? Let’s take a look!

Speaking of the bottle on the secret two words, on behalf of the secret brewing process, and Senwen brewing has been a business for 128 years, there are many other soy sauce brewing experience, such as a long down the brewing bucket, in addition to contain common yeast, lactic acid bacteria, there are many kinds of rich probiotics.

In addition, all the raw materials for brewing are carefully selected by hand with the spirit of the craftsman to ensure the best quality of raw materials. In addition, it takes up to 1 year to mature, so the brewed taste is more rich and complex.

It is because of its high quality that it is selected by the two most famous department stores in Japan, Shinjuku Isedan and Nihonbashi Takashimaya.

A complex taste like Japanese whisky

There are many kinds of soy sauce in Japan, such as sashimi, salad, cooked food, etc. But this secret sauce is closer to a thick soy sauce that goes with everything. In addition to the salt flavor, it has a deep umami flavor, a soft sweet flavor, a refreshing sour flavor, and the natural aroma of barley that combines all the other flavors together.

Of course, such a high-grade Japanese secret hand-brewed soy sauce, can definitely be said to be the current domestic high-quality People’s Daily life consumption upgrade must! So how can our Chinese friends make use of this soy sauce to make our daily taste even more delicious?

May as well try the most authentic and simple way to eat, soy sauce rice!

Of course, with Japanese premium Hokkaido seven star rice and Akita Komachi rice (a bowl of exceptional good rice! Japan’s three daimyo rice, Michelin three stars in use!) Is more perfect

At home, you can eat delicious food as delicious as the Michelin food in Japan. Of course, conditional and rub a few pieces of black truffle in, delicious to rise fairy!

In addition, such advanced soy sauce directly used as a stir-fry is of course some waste, rather than seasoning is to raise fresh holy products, whether it is a variety of seafood out of the pot after pouring up to raise fresh, or what home dishes out of the pot after a few drops are immediately umami double! Especially braised meat, abalone, sea cucumber and so on, just think about the saliva to flow down!

Of course, making soup, noodles, etc., with it, our life is really instantly tall up, a small bottle of soy sauce is the real luxury of high-quality life, we not only want to look bright, even such a small detail in life to do tall! That’s the quality of life, isn’t it?

How’s that´╝č Such a senior niche soy sauce whether it is given to yourself or aunt cooking, or to elders, friends are absolutely unique taste and forced choice. Our new first product exclusive formal import (with quarantine), limited quantity, like friends do not miss it!

* Compared to the soy sauce on the market, which is full of “technology and hard work”, this soy sauce is a truly natural premium condiment with only water, barley, fat-free soy, and edible salt. No problem!


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