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Enjoy French cuisine and unique culture

Advantageously endowed with natural geographical conditions and cultural environment, France has a unique national style. In the vast French culture, French cuisine, with its unique flavor and production methods, enjoys a high reputation in the world and is loved by people all over the world. French restaurants spread around the world, bringing the taste experience of the French nation to the people of the world.

France is the world famous food country, has a variety of food, such as red wine beef stew, onion soup, fried foie gras, marseille fish soup, and so on. Let’s take a look at these French foods.

Stewed beef with red wine

Stewed beef with red wine, its main raw materials are beef, celery, olive oil, potatoes, etc., the dishes taste delicious and delicious, it is a dish that can satisfy almost everyone’s appetite. As a delicacy of the Burgundian region, goulash with wine is mainly made from the famous local wine and charolais cattle. Before 1903, the dish was mostly served in rural areas. By 1903, the legendary grandfather of classical French cuisine, Auguste Escoffi, had detailed how to make beef stew with wine in his book The Gastronomic Guide, and the rustic dish was beginning to find its way into upper-class cookbooks and onto the tables of the Ritz-Carlton. Over time, this rustic dish has evolved into a delicate French cuisine that is loved by people all over the world.

Onion soup

Onion soup is an ancient and classic soup in France. It is to France what miso soup is to Japan and borscht is to Russia. It originated in Paris, France, in the 18th century and is cooked with beef stock and caramelized Onions. To enjoy, French people often put onion soup in a small baking bowl, top with toast and cheese, then put it in the oven to melt the cheese, and then taste it.

The origins of onion soup have long been debated in France. “Parisian pie” is said to have been invented by Parisians, “Lyonnais pie” has a good word, onion soup originated in Lyonnais folk. Despite the controversy, but this does not affect people’s love for it, onion soup in France is still known as a popular “noble soup”, through the washing of time, still maintains its unique charm.

French fried foie gras

French fried foie gras is a traditional French cuisine, known as one of the world’s three cuisines, its main raw materials for foie gras, butter, salt. Pan-fried foie gras is best served with a sauce made from sweet wine, or with dried figs, which combine with the flavors of figs and give them an extra flavor.

There is a story about fried foie gras. The ancient Egyptians happened to discover that foie gras was delicious before their migration, and a chef later served it to the French king Louis XVI. Louis XVI ate it after very surprised, immediately declared the foie gras “Delicatesse royale”, so that foie gras formally bound with France, France became a business card to the world, the reputation of the world.

Marseille fish soup

Marseille fish soup is the most outstanding French food culture, it is cooked with fresh fish and seafood, bread, tomato as the main ingredients. Marseille fish soup is not difficult to make. It uses fish and crustaceans native to the Mediterranean, cooked with spices and tomato sauce. The fish must be taken out and placed on a plate, along with sliced bread, on which the sauce is drizzled, and if you can prepare a bottle of porchelles or Alsace or Provence coast pink, you can enjoy a truly French meal.

A famous dish that has been around for more than 2,500 years, the focus of Marseille fish soup is on all kinds of fish. The traditional Masai fish soup does not include shellfish, especially mussels, but crab and lobster are not forbidden.

Story about Marseille fish soup: According to legend, Marseille fish soup originated as a dish for the poor to feed their families. At night the Marseilles fishermen wash their nets as they boil the sea water. At the same time they boil the unsold or incomplete fish. As soon as the fish is ready, they sit together and eat the fish, which is cooked in the sea water with fennel and other spices. There were many rich people living in villas along the coast of Marseille, and the fishermen’s wives would cook fish soup on their boats and sell it to them. A poor man’s dish ends up on a rich man’s plate. Later, as Marseille became a busy seaport, saffron silk also made its way to Marseille by sea, and it has since been added to dashi. Nowadays, guests from Paris often fly in specifically to eat Marseille fish soup.

Diverse French culture breeds a variety of French cuisine. As a major country in the world of cuisine, France has harvested the stomachs of people all over the world with its rich cuisine. In a series of dishes, it spreads the unique customs of the French nation.


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