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Thai Food Guide –11 must-eat foods in Thailand that will never stop

Thailand is a foodie’s paradise! From the street stalls to the fine dining restaurants, the food here is unforgettable, and will haunt anyone who has eaten Thai food.

So what are some of the best things to try in Thailand?

Today, I will give you a summary of the Thai food guide. I hope it will be helpful to you who are going to Thailand or want to travel to Thailand.


Green papaya salad

In the Thai dialect, green papaya salad means a cold dish that is sour and delicious after being chung.

It tastes sour and sweet, then brings out the crisp taste of green papayas with chilies, and is accompanied by lettuce and peanut pellets for a rich taste that is appetitive. Upgraded version can also add a variety of raw marinated seafood, however, stomach bad partners or detour.

Most Thai restaurants in China serve this dish, but I always feel that the dish is less like the fireworks on the Thai street.


Tom Yum Goong Soup

“Tom Yum” means hot and sour, and “Gong” means shrimp, which translates to hot and sour shrimp soup. Tom Yum Yum soup is a delicious soup made with various medicinal herbs and fresh seafood.

Drink a mouthful, small edition can only use four words to describe, that is “enchanted”. The hot and spicy taste swirled on the tongue, followed by a huge appetite, after drinking, still want to drink, can not stop!


Curry crab

Sea crabs are caught fresh from coastal areas and lightly fried with curry sauce, so that the sweet crab meat meets the rich curry, the taste is simply delicious!

Sincerely suggest, after eating “curry crab”, don’t let go of the soup, super next meal! It is said that one of Thailand’s most popular tourist classics is the curry crab dish.


Rice with chicken fat

The standard recipe for chicken fat rice is one person, one portion of rice, one portion of chicken, one portion of sauce, and one bowl of chicken soup. Xiaobian is from the local way of eating: eat with a little chicken soup over the rice, then put the chicken on the rice, drizzle the sauce and eat together.

The rice, soaked in chicken broth, was soft and chewy. A mouthful of rice a chicken soup, eat rice fragrance, drink chicken soup fresh, is a super satisfied!


Yellow curry noodles

It is said to have been introduced from Yunnan in China to Laos and then to Chiang Mai in Thailand. This bowl of yellow curry noodles combines the taste and wisdom of people from several countries.

A handful of thick noodles, mixed with yellow curry paste, smooth noodles and silk taste, curry paste aroma remains teeth, want to have another bowl!


Chicken soup with coconut

Thai coconut chicken soup has been known as Bangkok’s soup for hundreds of years.

This soup is made of coconut milk as the soup base, add chicken and rich ginger, citronella, coriander, Zhao Tian pepper, fish sauce, granulated sugar and other ingredients, and then lemon leaves aroma, a little sour, but the taste is fresh, soft, sweet and rich, but don’t love ginger friends may not be able to accept this taste.


Pad Thai

Another signature dish, pho is stir-fried in a sweet sauce with chopped peanuts, chili powder, peanuts and bean sprouts on the side.

To eat, mix all the ingredients together and add a few drops of lemon juice. After the entrance, the pho is strong, the bean sprouts are crisp and delicious. After returning to China, Xiaobian is also obsessed with this dish!


Rice with pork feet

The pig’s feet simmered slowly over low heat, the gravy bubbling in the cauldron.

Thai pig’s foot rice is actually marinated pork elbow, the taste is sweet. Thai boss will stew soft pork elbow chopped cover on the rice, marinated, and then add a runny egg and sauerkrait, a bowl of delicious pig’s foot rice so end to the front of Xiaobian, sauerkrait crisp, marinade spray sweet, with the skin of the pig elbow is melting in the mouth!


Roast chicken with herbs

Thai cooking love herbs, even roast chicken to put herbs. Every time I walk in the Thai night market, after the food stalls on both sides of the road, the most delicious and attractive is the herb leaf roast chicken.

At a glance, the chicken is juicy, stuffed with all kinds of geriatric herbs, never overdo it when roasting, and then served tender chicken, with the dipping sauce to eat the chicken, life is really easy!


Roast pork skewer

This is one of Thailand’s most popular street foods and can be found almost anywhere. You know, this isn’t just any roast pork. According to local owners, the meat is marinated with ground coriander root, garlic and chillies, which are slow-roasted to produce an essential blend of spices and meat.

Coconut milk is also an essential ingredient in this recipe, which softens the pork and makes it more tender and juicy. For diners like Xiaobian who like to try creative food, it recommends roast pork skewers paired with glutinous rice, which has a different flavor oh!


Mango sticky rice

Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of Thai mango sticky rice? Mango sticky rice, as one of the most classic and authentic desserts in Thailand, is a “national food” that can be eaten from high-end restaurants to roadside stalls.

Although the recipe seems simple, consisting of coconut milk, mango, glutinous rice and sugar, there are different secret recipes and techniques.

Xiaobian has eaten a family of mango glutinous rice made from Chiang Rai rice in northern Thailand. The steamed glutinous rice is particularly fragrant and Q-elastic. It tastes sweet with a little salty, soft and glutinous but not too sticky.

The best part is the sweet and juicy Thai mango, which has delicate flesh and does not need to be chewed too much. Xiaobian in the domestic to eat several mango glutinous rice, can not restore such a delicious.


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