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Here are the top 10 traditional British dishes that Britons love to eat

Is there good food in England? Don’t you eat potatoes every day?

haha, although the food in the UK is nothing compared to the food in China, there are lots of restaurants in big cities like London, Birmingham, Manchester and so on.

According to the taste of British people, what is their favorite food? Just knowing a fish&chips is not enough!

Here, we take a look at the TOP10 British foods that Britons love most.

Here is a list of the top 10 quintessentially British dishes that Britons enjoy. Do you have any favorites?

Fish and chips

First place goes to fish and chips, Britain’s national dish. Britons have been eating fish and chips since the 19th century. This much-loved British street food is traditionally served wrapped in a piece of white paper or newspaper, and most people prefer to eat it straight with their fingers.

There are two main types of fried Fish: Cod Fish and Dock Fish. In fact, it tastes about the same, just different kinds of fish. A more traditional British way to eat it is with vinegar, little friends can taste it, it has a special flavor!

Roast meat

Roast meat is very popular in Britain. Roast meat is divided into several types, usually beef, chicken, lamb or pork, with a choice of vegetables – perhaps roast potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbage and Brussels sprouts.

Traditionally, roast beef is served with spicy horseradish sauce and English mustard; Roast pork with applesauce; Roast lamb is always served with mint sauce or currant jelly.

No matter what toppings are added, though, the gravy is arguably the cream of the dish.

English breakfast

One of the most internationally recognised British foods, the Full English breakfast dates back to Anglo-Saxon times in the 13th century, when families would serve a hearty breakfast to visiting friends and family, and it remains a popular menu item in Britain’s pubs and cafes.

An English breakfast consists of fried or grilled bacon, a sausage or two, a fried egg, baked beans (with tomato sauce), grilled or fried tomatoes and a slice of fried bread (or toast). Some people may also like to add fried black pudding (sausage made from pig’s blood) and fried mushrooms.


In winter, when the days get shorter and the sky darkens, there’s nothing like eating a steaming bowl of soup to bring a feeling of comfort and happiness.

Various kinds of soup are also very popular with the British people, mainly: carrot soup, vegetable soup, borscht soup, lentil soup, pumpkin soup, mushroom soup and so on.

Sausage and mashed potatoes

The term “banger” originated during the Second World War, when sausages cooked at high temperatures tended to burst. This was because meat was scarce at the time, so people would add a lot of water to increase its stress.

This dish consists of flavored sausages made from pork, lamb or beef and a pile of mashed potatoes, sometimes accompanied by onion juice, fried Onions or peas.

Beans, eggs and chips

These are side dishes to common staples, and can be paired with steaks, lamb chops, roast chicken, and more, as well as the full English breakfast just mentioned!

Pig wrapped blanket

“Pig blanket” is the name given to a cooked mini hot dog wrapped in a roll, usually with ketchup and yellow mustard.

With a cute name and simple recipe, pig blanket is one of the British Christmas specialties and a popular appetizer for parties.

Lancashire Hot pot

The dish, which originated in the northwest of England and dates back to pre-industrial times, is simple to prepare and cheap to make. This hearty stew is made with lamb or lamb and vegetables and topped with potato chips.

This dish has to be cooked in a casserole to get that feeling! It is especially popular during the cold winter months and is often served with pickled red cabbage or beetroot.

Chopped apple

Chopped apples are one of the most popular desserts in the UK. Its recipe is peeled, cored and sliced Bramley apples covered in a crumbly breadcrumb mixture made from flour, sugar and butter.

This delicious dessert is baked in the oven until the breadcrumbs are golden brown and the apples are soft. Desserts are usually served with vanilla ice cream or custard made from eggs, milk and vanilla.

In addition to apples, other fruits can be substituted, such as blackberries, peaches, rhubarb and plums. The topping can also be oatmeal, ground almonds or other nuts.

Cream Tea. Cream tea

British people drink milk tea and domestic milk tea is not the same, is the real tea + milk, preferably Earl grey tea or English afternoon tea.

An integral part of a typical afternoon tea is served with desserts such as scones. Scones come with strawberry or raspberry jam and clotted cream, topped with crusty rich yellow cream. When serving, cut scones in half, spread with jam and clotted cream, and enjoy.

According to the statistics of foreign media website, the most favorite food statistics of British people, although the data may not be a comprehensive representative of all British people, but it can reflect the preferences of most people.

What food have you fallen in love with since coming to the UK?


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