British Cuisine

Have you missed a snack as a foodie?

Although British food is pitiful

But it has a variety of delicious snacks

Since it got cold

Many of you have switched on chugging chugging mode

So this time the neck chief has brought all kinds of British must-have snacks

What are you waiting for if you don’t stock up now?


This is a British brand of popcorn that insists on making each packet by hand! Just as crispy as fresh!

There are currently 42 flavors on the website. In addition to classic caramel and chocolate, there are also strawberry cheesecake, caramel coffee and whiskey, and cheese nut and celery. This can greatly meet the curiosity of some small partners!

Potato chips

Tyrrells was created in 2002 by a local farmer in Herefordshire under the brand name of his own ranch. It not only has a lot of strange delicious taste, but also wins in the real material! Using high-quality British potatoes, the chips are thick and handmade!

Unlike traditional potato chip brands, Tyrrells has chosen to put some fun retro photos on the packaging, usually in black and white, to create a very strong visual impact! Holding a pack of Tyrrells on the street is an Instagram snap!

Peanut with strange flavor

This is a series of Coated Peanuts made by renowned potato chip expert, the peanuts are crunchy to the taste. Several tastes are unique to Chinese tastes.

The oddly-flavored peanuts are Thai Sweet Chilli, Californian Honey & Salt, Chinese Szechuan Pepper and Mexican Smoked The Chilli.

Yogurt biscuit

United Biscuits(United Biscuits Company) is a world-famous international biscuit manufacturer. In 1996, United Biscuits put forward the idea of “Go ahead”, so the yogurt biscuits were born!

It’s covered in a low-fat yogurt coating, filled with crispy soda crackers and fruit pulp from the Q-ball, and it’s a measly 75 kcal per cookie! Tired of learning, eat a piece full of blood resurrection!

Oreo Cheerios

All you Oreo-lovers out there, try this! This one contains both black and white cereal. The black cereal has a bitter taste, like Oreo cookies. The white cereal is sweet, flavored and creamy with Oreo. This combination of flavors is divine!

It’s a cereal, but it’s also a fairy snack! Many friends will choose to eat directly empty mouth! In addition, you can soak milk and eat it to mix the melted cheerios with the crunchy cheerios!


Maltesers, like M&Ms, are owned by Masterfoods Mars. This chocolate is a classic chocolate ball with a chocolate coat and milk malted essence in the middle, which is the classic childhood snack Malted essence from childhood!

There are also ways to eat Maltesers: in milk, ice cream, cakes and more! Not only that, but he also launched a lot of peripheral products! Such as popsicles, cakes, chocolate bars and so on.

Oatmeal biscuit

Founded in 1896, Nairn’s has been baking healthy and delicious oats for over 100 years. These cookies from Nairn’s are 51% oatmeal!

Whole Scotch oats are used in every Nairn’s cookie! Rough processing still retains the complete grain has the germ, endosperm, bran and so on components, so not only the preservation of nutrition, there are more dietary fiber, eat a super strong sense of satiety, is the best choice for small partners to lose weight and fat!

Nairn’s now comes in four flavors: dark chocolate, mixed berries, ginger and coconut Chia seeds. Come and see which one you like best!

Yogurt beans

This is a very cute snack, is a small grain of yogurt wrapped in fruit flavored gummy. If you refrigerate it, it’s like fruity yogurt! If you can’t keep your mouth busy, you can buy them to eat while studying or watching TV.

Available now in strawberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant flavors, the yogurt beans don’t have any preservatives added and aren’t too caloric, making them a comfort to eat! The design of five small bags in a large bag is also very convenient.

Lye crackers

Love to eat soda knot little friends pay attention, this sesame cookie is a very good choice! There is a special taste of lye biscuit at the beginning, followed by a mouthful of crispy sesame.

While there are sea salt and honey mustard and onion in the same line, the sesame flavor is yyds! The more you chew it, the more you can’t stop.

A lot of people who pay attention to body management

I want to gorge myself on snacks

But because of the pressure to gain weight

If so, low-calorie snacks can be liberating

Woo Woo finally don’t cry every day to lose weight!

Low calorie snacks


There is not much difference in taste between this brownie and normal desserts on the market! The fluffy cake, filled with chocolate chips and topped with chocolate sauce, is irresistible!

Best of all, a bag is less than 90 kcal! Eating chocolate while you’re on a diet makes you weep! Slimming friends rush!

Potato chips

Don’t tearfully say no to potato chips! This is a non-fried potato chip, and the whole bag has less than 100 kcal! But the heat does not affect the taste and texture, it tastes just as good! It’s sweet and crunchy, and it doesn’t have any oil.

One of the most popular is sour cream onion flavor, many friends after trying it can’t stop!

Fruit juice jelly

This lovely fruit jelly is the British version of the Hijiro Sucking Jelly! Can let the weight loss during the want to eat candy and drink partners no longer pain! It tastes fresh and refreshing, like taking a swig of juice.

Eating a bag of jello is an incredible 27 kcal, no burden at all! There are also strawberry, blueberry, orange and more.

It can also be bought in any large supermarket, the price is £2.5/ box, very convenient!

Madeleine Cake

I believe that frequent supermarket friends must be familiar with this red plaid pattern, this is the famous French brand Bonne Maman! Besides, it is also famous for its pastries! One of the most popular items is the Madeleine cupcakes.

The shell shaped cupcakes are soft and moist, with a creamy flavor but not too sweet! There are 7 cupcakes in a bag, and each one has about 115 calories. Eat one a day and feel good about your calorie intake. Although there are also lemon and chocolate flavors, but long neck still feel the original classic.

Hope these recommended snacks

It can touch the taste buds of your little PALS

Winter is coming and you can start stocking up!

The occasional snack can brighten the mood!

After all, high calorie food is the source of happiness.

Snacks! Is the reasonable existence of contradiction!


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