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See the world with Esperanto | what food makes you forget Canada?

It is said that food is the soul of a region. After making clear the basic tour route and necessary check-in points before this year’s International Esperanto Congress, we will travel back to Canada along the route of Zamenhof. Today, we will take you to learn about the food not to be missed on this route. Don’t worry, Shiyujun has prepared a “Canadian food guide” for you, please check!

Canadians are used to eating cold food, to dinner, taste does not like too salty, prefer sweet, staple food is generally based on rice. At the same time, when eating with Canadians, do not excessively comity and persuade wine, Canadians do not like fat meat, hate shrimp sauce, beancurd and other fishy odor of food, animal offal and PAWS are Canadian food taboo. Canadian banquets and other general even-numbered seats, taboo number “13”. They are usually used to using knives and forks in tableware, drinking coffee and eating fruit after meals.

To Canada don’t miss the food (Franda ĵ oj)

Let’s face it, a lot of how well you enjoy a place has to do with whether the food is appetizing and satisfying. Summer in Canada is beautiful as hell, but with an empty stomach, it’s probably less fun to play. So today, Seyujun will reveal the secrets of Canadian food according to the pre-conference tour stops, from Toronto to Ontario and finally to the conference venue of Montreal, just how much food awaits you! Take a look!

Coordinate: Toronto

Q Shot without getting greasy Canadian Bacon (Kanada Lardo)

Many classic restaurants in North America will choose Canadian bacon as a starter, a big bar of delicious across the plate, crispy skin, oil sizzling, often suddenly open the appetite of the guests.

Check out: Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market, where Carousel Bakery claims to have the best Canadian bacon sandwich in the world.

Pizo Kurigita Viando, a Toronto icon

Bacon with peas is a delicacy that originated in Toronto. It is made with slowly marinated tenderloin and roasted in pea flour, and is usually eaten together with mayonnaise, tomato slices, and lettuce in rosebud buns, and is the obstinate delicacy of Matenman (breakfast) and Frutagman (brunch) in Canada.

Coordinate: Ontario

An ice cream and iced coffee lover’s paradise — Tim Hortons

Ontario, where Toronto is located, is the most populous province in eastern Canada. In summer, Ontario is a paradise for ice cream and iced coffee lovers. The old ice cream shop here perfectly harmonized the traditional Canadian making process with 100% good cream. The classic flavor ice cream is your must eat, and every bite retains the happy taste of yearning and yearning. A cup of coffee or a tub of specialty ice cream can provide you with a wonderful refreshing moment as you stroll through the streets of Toronto’s high-rise buildings.

One of the most Canadian ice cream chains, Tim Hortons was founded by former ice hockey player Tim Horton. A cup of coffee at Tim Hortons will save you from the heat when you’re walking in the hot sun. There are so many Tim Hortons stores in Canada that you may run into one just around the corner! If you meet them, you might as well go in and order a cup of iced coffee, relieve the heat with the locals, and enjoy the city life.

Here’s the tire cheese — Sandoak Cheese Farm

Sandoak Cheese Farm is one of a handful of farms in Ontario that produces Gouda cheese, which has a rich aroma and soft creaminess. It is soaked in a thick brine when processed. The pale yellow cheese has holes in the flesh and is smoother and softer than traditional cheese, with a salty nutty taste. Inside, the rows of fine orange cheese are as large and inviting as inverted tires.

In addition to producing Dutch Gouda cheese, there are many delicious products made by the side production line, such as: cookies, candy, spices, cream and so on. Pick up a few souvenirs and share the authentic taste of Ontario with more people around you.

Ottawa’s most famous dessert – Beaver tail

Located in downtown Ottawa in southeastern Ontario, the Byward Market is Canada’s largest and oldest public market. It is not only filled with a wide range of seasonal fruits and vegetables and other quality ingredients, but also lined with elegant western restaurants, specialty bars and alfresco dining rooms. One of the best to try is the golden beaver tail, Ottawa’s most famous dessert, a tasty snack enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Hot, freshly fried pastries are coated with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with the famous maple syrup for a mouthful of sweetness.

Coordinate: Montreal

The national snack at the state dinner table — cheese and gravy fries

Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and the largest city in Quebec Province. The word “Montreal” comes from the Middle French “Mont Real”, meaning “the royal mountain”. French is the most commonly used language in the region, and the local cuisine is naturally influenced by the French food tradition. Poutine is to Montreal what mutton puffs are to Shaanxi people and morning tea is to Cantonese people… Has become an indelible imprint on the city. The “fragrant gravy is served with crispy French fries,” and some people like to put onion rings and roasted mushrooms on the fries to make the cheese melt and sizzle in your mouth.

Don’t think of gravy and cheese fries as a simple Canadian national snack. They made it to the state dinner table where President Barack Obama hosted Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Punch in: La Banquise, a 24-hour Poutine shop

A delicacy from Eastern Europe — smoked meat

Pancetta is a dish brought to Montreal by Eastern European Jews. A brisket is marinated with spices and then smoked and grilled to create a rich, delicate pastrami. When it comes to pastrami, most people would recommend Montreal’s most famous bacon shop, Schwartz’s. The kebab shop, frequented by even the former prime minister of Canada, is famous for its pastrami, brown bread, pickles, cabbage and mustard sandwiches. If you’re a meat-eater, you can even go straight for a plate of bacon and enjoy the thrill of munching on meat.

The vast land area, diverse culture and historical imprint have created each province, city and region of Canada has its own unique flavor. Every delicious Canadian food, every local food, is a taste that we have been searching for during our travels. The “Food Lianliankan” has aroused your yearning for Canadian food? What Canadian cuisine has succeeded in seducing you?


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