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The ingredient of Mexican food — flowered kidney beans

Mashed beans, if you’re a regular Mexican food eater, you’ll be familiar with it. In my opinion, mashed beans are an important part of Mexican cuisine. There is a saying in Mexico — the “three sisters of plants” — corn, beans, melons, and the beans in question are mainly what we call kidney beans today.

I’m not a big fan of mashed beans. To me, it’s like some kind of magic potion that a witch has been cooking for a long time in an anime.

For promotion and introduction purposes, I looked up flowered kidney beans and learned that flowered kidney beans are also an ingredient native to Mexico and are highly nutritious.

It seems that our “take for granted” is somewhat subjective, or need to be objective, so as to be more rigorous and correct evaluation of some things, like kidney beans.

There are many kinds of kidney beans. Because of the rich skin pattern of kidney beans, we often call them flower kidney beans (also known as colored beans). Kidney beans, known scientifically as kidney beans, are the second largest edible bean crop in the world after soybeans. Kidney beans are found on almost every continent. In terms of eating, kidney beans are like potatoes — suitable for food and food. Bean contains saponins, urotoxic enzymes and a variety of globulin and other unique components, often eat can improve the body’s own immune ability, enhance the ability of disease resistance. String bean is a rare food with high potassium, high magnesium and low sodium. Suitable for heart disease, arteriosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, hypokalemia and avoid salt patients to eat. Eating beans often is good for the skin and hair. It can improve the metabolism of the skin, promote the body to detoxify, and keep the skin young. Saponins in bean can reduce fat and absorption function and promote fat metabolism. The dietary fiber it contains can also speed up the passage of food through the gut. People who want to lose weight by eating more kidney beans will definitely achieve the purpose of weight loss. So it seems that beans are really nutritious, often eat good, but do not eat too much, to limit. Excessive consumption of beans, easy to lead to saponin accumulation, cause diarrhea, even more serious disease.

Big white kidney beans, big black kidney beans and purple kidney beans

As mentioned above, there are many kinds of kidney beans. The main ones are white kidney beans, large black kidney beans and purple kidney beans.

The kidney bean I am most familiar with is the white kidney bean. When my grandfather was a child, he would always put some in the pot.

When the meat was ready, I, as a child, would ask my grandfather to serve me less stew and more beans.

The stewed white kidney bean was so large that it tasted rustling, and with a few mouthfuls of broth, the taste might have to be experienced.

I am most unfamiliar with the large black kidney bean, in ordinary life also can hardly see the original appearance. The big black kidney bean is also called kidney bean, and cow’s eye bean. There is an ancient Chinese saying that “the form makes the form”, so the big black kidney bean is loved by many men. A warning: no matter what kind of bean, eat in moderation, not too much.

Purple kidney bean is now my most common flower kidney bean, we can’t make mashed beans without it.

Interestingly, there are new names in Northeast China and Yunnan, where purple kidney beans are abundant. In the northeast, it is called “rice bean”, is one of the essential ingredients to make large ballasted rice porridge. I have never tried gruel before, but luckily we have a big sister from the northeast in our shop. I asked about the texture of gruel — it’s sticky and soft (you have to boil it to make it good); In Yunnan, it is called “red bean bean, pickled cabbage and rice bean bean”. It can be used to make sweet red bean paste, and its tender pods can be used to make hot and sour kimchi, hence the name.

Colored bean paste preparation

Simple, smoky.

The preparation of mashed beans is as simple as boiled kidney beans, mashed and seasoned. It’s almost always salty, slightly spicy, and grainy rather than smooth, with the chance to eat whole beans. I’ll tell you how to make the simplest mashed beans. We cook selected colored beans until they appear sticky. (Let me just say — kidney beans must be cooked through before you eat them. It should not be eaten raw, and neither should kidney beans that are embedded in them. Because kidney beans have a certain amount of toxic protein, it needs to be cooked at high temperature for a long time and washed many times to reduce the amount of toxic protein. Mash the beans to a ratio of three parts beans to seven parts mud. Set aside. Add an appropriate amount of lard to another pot, put a few particles into the warhead pepper fried fragrant fish out, add an appropriate amount of chopped onion fried until golden brown, into the mashed bean paste stirring evenly add an appropriate amount of salt and chicken powder can be. The smoky colored bean puree is a simple in-store process that requires only roasted tomatoes, garlic rice, and red chili peppers (tomatoes, garlic rice, red chili, and capoteri pickled peppers are crushed in a juicer in proportioned amounts and set aside.) Add the home version of mashed colored beans. It’s worth mentioning that to enhance the smokiness of our colored bean puree, chopped smoked bacon is added to the lard. You are welcome to come to the restaurant to eat and taste when you have time.

There is a doubt here — when I look up the information about colored beans (kidney beans), there are flowers kidney beans and purple kidney beans are not the same kind of kidney beans, but in Baidu or Taobao to look up the figure found is a kidney beans, suddenly some caught at a loss, hope to have a big man can help correct, after all, or knowledge is not deep.


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