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Avocado is an ingredient in Mexican food

In the middle of summer, you need some green life.

I think avocados are some of the green ones,

Just like the one I wrote earlier,

Avocados have crept into our lives, eating, drinking, using…

Avocados that burned the year before last,

It’s also an ingredient native to Mexico.

Old time

In the old days of avocados,

It’s also a fruit with a long history!

Avocados are native to Mexico, where first people discovered avocados and gradually learned to eat and grow them.

Unlike corn and cocoa, it has no mythological color.

Avocados are relatively recent fruits that have come into their own.

And now?

Avocado has entered the life of Chinese people, and can also be found in ordinary fruit stands.

The unique taste and taste of avocados have made it a sizable group of diners; And we, as Mexican cooks, are constantly developing and spawning new avocados.

Predict a small amount of knowledge about avocados and take your time.

Avocado = avocado = shea butter

Unlike today, avocados were originally called avocados, named after their skin, which somewhat resembled the skin of an alligator. How did the avocado get its name? It all depends on the rebranding of the Mexican Avocado Growers Association, which grows and sells avocados. The reason for the name change is somewhat amusing — in the early 1900s, Mexican avocados were banned from the United States for fear of pests and diseases. (Avocados were already known in the United States for their ugly appearance.) The Avocado growers Association thought that was why they were called avocados and changed the name to “avocados.” I remember when I first started cooking in Mexico, I made fun of the avocado name. When my brother delivered avocados to our store, he made a quick comment — you use a lot of avocados and we have to deliver them to you every day. As I watched my brother put two boxes of avocados on the counter, I looked at the car expectantly, wondering what is an avocado? As Big Brother closed the car door, I said — Big Brother, what about avocado? My brother looked at me in surprise and pointed to the avocado on the counter — where were the avocados? Embarrassed, I asked — is an avocado an avocado, brother? Seems like the answer doesn’t matter anymore, ha ha ha… (laughs at his ignorance)

As for shea fruit, this alias is the deep and then write avocado search Baidu encyclopedia, I think it is still very image, ripe degree is very perfect avocado to eat rich oil texture. Avocado alias also creamer wood, shea fruit, because I think the shea fruit alias is very image, so separate out a brief description.

Good and bad

In this paragraph, we’re going to focus on the good and the bad of avocados; How to pick good avocados; What kind of ripe avocado is suitable for what.

After this more profound check and fill in the gaps, this article is more objective than the above article about avocados.

Avocados are fruits that contain protein (generally, the protein content of fruit is almost zero), rich in dietary fiber, and have a higher fat content than chicken of the same quality, because the fat they contain is unsaturated fatty acid, which is different from chicken “fat”.

All of this was one of the main reasons the Avocado Growers Association promoted and packaged avocados from the 1960s through the 1980s, when the diet craze and low-fat foods became popular in the United States. (The main reason for the promotion and packaging was the high cost of transporting and keeping avocados fresh.)

You don’t necessarily need to replace fat with avocados (I’ve advised friends to eat avocados to lose weight) because avocados are high in calories and fat compared to other fruits.

It’s not necessary for a healthy diet (Avocados Edible and inedible – The Avocado Growers Association has deliberately exaggerated the role of avocados as a fat replacement and unsaturated fatty acids as a nutritious fatty acid in order to market avocados. Some health nutritionists feel that healthy nutrition doesn’t require replacing fats with avocados…) Eating it also requires a reasonable nutritional combination.

How to choose an avocado?

When we choose avocados, we look at the skin first, and dark green is best. Look at the stem. If it’s indented, the avocado is overripe. Hold the avocado in your hand and slowly push it inward with the muscles in the jaws of the tiger,

Avocados are best when they are soft and firm.

What kind of ripe avocado is suitable for what kind of avocado dishes.

Avocado is usually eaten raw or in sauce, and on this basis, a variety of eating methods have been derived.

Rich green avocados are great for salads, sushi, sandwiches,

With this ripeness, the avocado has a greasy texture, and you can see the crisp flavor of the avocado without the astringency.

Black avocados are great for guacamole, avocado shakes, and avocado bird’s nest (which is also the first time I learned you can eat avocado with bird’s nest),

This level of ripeness gives the avocado a rich fat texture and makes it smooth and creamy.

The rich green avocado can also be fried into a gourmet dish,

It’s a different kind of avocado dish.

In addition to the above, there are avocado ice cream, avocado hot spring eggs, avocado trays… There’s a sense that there’s no shortage of food.

Avocados aren’t that hard to swallow. Good avocados, naturally ripened avocados have a taste like fresh walnuts. I can still eat them.

As for edible and inedible, how can a Mexican cook let go of an ingredient that’s native to Mexico? Of course you can eat and cook!

Interestingly, avocados have a unique way of opening.

Because of the hard core of an avocado, it’s sometimes difficult to “cut in one slice” or “cut in half” like a pear or an apple, which is why avocados have a unique way of opening.

The cold and hot of avocados are like the ups and downs of life, but I think the good things will eventually be found and loved.


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