Japanese Cuisine

Uncover the secrets of Japanese cuisine, Takeshi diy culinary innovation journey!

Spring flowers, grass and Yingfei full of vitality to defeat the weakness of spring

The aroma is tangy, rich with sauce

A bit of charred fish

Tender meat, elastic, delicious not fishy

The meat is tender and the sauce is thick

When we talk about Nishiku, we should see a flash of puyaki eel

The eel is juicy and tender

Serve with large white rice

Several bowls at a time

A classic of Nisei

[puyaki eel]

Yaki eel

Product specifications: 330g/400-500g

Main ingredients: eel, seasoning (brewing soy sauce, white sugar, flavor cream (glutinous rice in water, edible alcohol), edible salt, etc.)

Eel, alias eel, white eel, river eel, eel, Japanese eel. Eels are fishes of the genus, like snakes, but without scales. They are generally found in the waters where salt and fresh water meet.

! Tender meat!

Puyaki is strict with the eel itself

Selected eel is 35-40cm long

An eel of this length

The fish itself is tender

The fish fat is medium, which is more suitable for making Pu Yaki eel

And choose a live eel with a smooth body and a firm fleshy body and an intact tail spine with a clear texture, a fine texture and no prickly sensation

The tender eel needs a sauce of soul

! The sauce is thick!

The sauce is the soul of the puyaki eel

Sauce ratio is key

Polan food after repeated production and comparison

To make sauces more suitable for Chinese tastes

Sweet sauce, after the eel is brushed in layers

It is roasted by carbon fire

It forms a protective coating of caramel on the eel’s surface

The eel becomes charred on the outside and tender on the inside

Scorched fish skin, tender fish, mouth is satisfied

! Quality assurance!

Polan Food strictly controls the quality

To ensure flavor

The Puyaki eel has a dry roasting degree of 6.8-7

The juice content is between 8 and 10

Precise value is our rigorous attitude

It’s a guarantee of good taste

Fish with golden tenderness, moist, plump, small spurs

The tender, fragrant, melt-in-your-mouth eel makes your mouth water. Then you mix it with soy sauce and egg flavor and serve it with rice. Can not refuse the delicious let a person can not help but crazy wordy chopsticks

Heat for 3-5 minutes and serve

Simple and quick

With simple heating, we can restore the eel’s soft, waxy, fresh packaging, boiling water, no pressure, no need to wash the pan

Microwave-heated eel will soon be able to feel the “sizzling” sound of grease followed by the fragrant smell that makes people mouth watering ~

Nishiku’s classic delicacy can be easily enjoyed at home in 3-5 minutes

Ramen is also a classic of Nishiku

Sushi rolls, suki pot, tempura and all of these classic Japanese dishes have one ingredient.

Why is fish cake an indispensable ingredient in Japanese food? Reveal the status of fish cake in Japanese ingredients

! Fresh!

Wave blue fish cake selects deep-sea high quality golden line fish more than 100,000 times of vacuum beat surimi low-temperature washing high temperature sterilization final production of fish cake fish content up to 70%

! What a variety!

More than 30 kinds of graphic fish cakes can be paired with a variety of Japanese dishes, which is the C position in Japanese ingredients. It is more convenient to DIY Japanese food at home

Start your Diy culinary innovation journey

[Sushi eel]

Simple trilogy of Puyaki eel sushi roll one heating, two rolls, three put puyaki eel 3-5 minutes heating during the roll good sushi heated eel placed on the sushi simple good taste Japanese eel sushi easy to finish fresh flavor delicate, tender and refreshing, rich layers of Japanese ingredients can be so simple and delicious

[eel rice]

The skin is thin, slightly charred and the bite is elastic and almost spiny and not fishy and the sauce is delicious and rich and when you bite into it, the sauce exploses in your mouth and you love the charred eel tail


Sukiyaki is a simple, delicious collection of all the ingredients just wash them and put them in the order they were cooked so be sure to add the fish cake and it adds a lot of flavour to the soup just wait for it to come to a boil and that’s how it goes

Just like hot pot balls must be put in the sukiyaki must also be put fish cake delicious extraordinary, Q bomb real taste

[curry rice]

A layer of constant spicy curry and rice curry the crispy joy of chicken steak is in the fish cake of Q bomb a new combination of children’s favorite mother no longer worry about the baby picky food

[Kwandong cooking]

More than 30 kinds of fish cakes, the Kanto has more choices and more flavor

Life must not be injustice to yourself with delicious food to cheer yourself up Spring is coming, together with diy food to go outing to meet the warm spring breeze, with vitality food puyaki eel and a variety of fish cake DIY food to open our wonderful time


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