Canadian Cuisine

The ultimate Canadian food, never tried these 15, don’t tell me you’ve been here!

As a multicultural country, Canadian cuisine is also full of diversified charm. From Poutine to the exclusive Canadian Ketchup potato chips to the iconic Halifax pancetta meat, there is no shortage of mouthwatering, ethnically diverse Canadian food. How many of these ultimate Canadian foods have you eaten at least once in a lifetime?


Canadian cuisine, of course, starts with cheese fries, and there’s nothing more Canadian than a bowl of fries with hot gravy and cheese clots. The dish originated in Quebec in the 1950s and is now considered “Canada’s national dish”.


Walking out of Tim Hortons, Canada’s national coffee shop, with Timbits in one hand and ice cream in the other, has become a classic breakfast pairing for Canadians. Timbits is the right size, making it a real sweet lure!

Poutine rapee

Poutine rapee is a completely different French fries and gravy combo from the national dish poutine, which, like dumplings, is filled with mashed potatoes and pork, a traditional Acadian dish.

Tarte au sucre

Tarte au sucre, also known as candy pie, a Quebec delicacy filled with brown sugar/vanilla/cream and maple leaf sauce, is so sweet that you lose your teeth! And the skin tastes like jelly, but you can cut it into small pieces with a knife. It’s a very popular dessert in Canada!

Tire sur la neige

Tire sur la neige is an old Quebec snack that’s kind of like maple toffee and actually made in the snow! If you want to make a tire sur la neige, pour maple syrup into a bowl, cover it with snow and wait for it to freeze!

Halifax donair

Harry Fox donair is the official snack of Harry Fox. Pita cakes filled with ground meat, tomatoes, and Onions and topped with a special sauce are a great hangover cure! Most of the people in line for donair in front of the store are a little unsteady on their feet!

Garlic fingers with donair sauce

Garlic fingers are chewy, like the sides of a pizza, squeezed into Harry Fox donair’s sauce for a new dish! It is a good choice for midnight snacks if you are hungry, and you can often see it at parties.

Flapper pie

This pie dates back to the 19th century and is one of Canada’s most historic foods! This crunchy pie with custard in the middle and a meringue topping is delicious!


The classic beaver tail is a Canadian pastry made from whole wheat dough, hand-stretched and shaped like a beaver’s tail, often with a variety of sweet toppings to choose from, such as whipped cream, banana chips, chocolate, and even ice cream.

Montreal Bagel

Montreal Bagel is a unique variety of hand-made and wood-baked Bagel. It’s usually sweeter, smaller, and thinner than a New York Bagel or an East Coast style Bagel. It was brought to Canada by Jewish immigrants from Poland and other Eastern European countries, and remains a popular breakfast in Montreal.

Montreal Smoked Meat

It’s a deli meat product that goes with just about anything, from cheese to Montreal-style pancetta sandwiches made from rye bread and piled with hand-cut smoked meats.

Ketchup Chips

An iconic Canadian snack, these crunchy chips are topped with a reddish, tomato-flavoured seasoning. The best ketchup chips are made by Lay’s and sold only in Canada, and the snack is strangely addictive.

Canadian Bacon

Canadian bacon is a type of bacon unique to Canada. This ready-to-eat product is cured, smoked, fully cooked, and then trimmed into thin slices.

Butter Tarts

Butter pie is Canada’s most iconic dessert pie. The classic butter pie is filled with butter, sugar, syrup and eggs, all baked in a pastry shell. Modern versions of the filling include everything from bacon to chili.


Pemmican, a concentrated mixture of fat and protein in solid form, was originally an important element in Aboriginal cuisine. Basically Canada’s first protein bar, it’s also considered one of the best supersurvival foods. In some cases, dried fruits such as berries and cherries are also used.


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